Key Terms and Questions

AP Government and Politics
Ch.11- Groups and Interests
Key Terms
Interest Group
Public Interest Groups
Membership association
Staff organization
Collective goods
Free riders
Informational benefits
Solidary benefits
Purposive benefits
New Politics movement
Iron triangle
Issue network
Institutional advertising
Grassroots mobilization
Political action committee (PAC)
Guided Reading Questions
What are the major types of interest groups? Whom do they represent?
Ex. What types of groups do you think are likely to be part of the “biofuels” coalition”
that lobbies for ethanol?
What are reasons the number of interest groups has grown in recent decades? What are
possible explanations for this increase?
Could college students be organized as an interest group? What would such a group
advocate? Why might be some impediments to the creation of a National Organization of
College Students?
How do interest groups try to influence government? Give examples.
Should lobbying groups be required to disclose their actual identities?
How do interest groups differ from political parties? In your opinion, should we prefer a
political process dominated by parties or one in which interest groups are more
How has the US Government sought to regulate interest group activity in order to balance
the competing values of liberty and equality?