Reprinted Essays

Reprinted Essays
Examples for CLC, NCLC, and TCLC
Frank, Joseph. “The Gambler: A Study in Ethnopsychology.”Freedom and
Responsibility in Russian Literature: Essays in Honor of Robert Louis Jackson.
Eds. Elizabeth Cheresh Allen and Gary Saul Morson. Evanston, IL:
Northwestern UP, 1995. 99-107. Rpt. in Nineteenth- Century Literature
Criticism. Eds. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker. Vol. 168. Detroit:
Thomson Gale, 2006. 75-84. Print.
Franklin, J. Jeffery. “The Victorian Discourse of Gambling: Speculations of
Middlemarch and The Duke’s Children.” ELH 61.4 (1994): 899-921. Rpt. in
Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Eds. Jessica Bomarito and Russel
Whitaker. Vol. 168. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2006. 39-51. Print.
Examples from Bloom’s
Sacks, Peter M. “Milton‟s Prose: The Adjustment of Idealism.” Figures in a
Renaissance Context. Eds. Claude J. Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth. Ann
Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan, 1989. N. pag. Rpt. in Bloom’s Modern
Critical Views: John Milton. Ed. Harold Bloom. Philadelphia: Chelsea House.
235-259. Print.
Johnson, Barbara. “My Monster.” Diacritics 12.2 (1982): N. pag. Rpt. in Modern
Critical Interpretations: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Ed. Harold Bloom. New
York: Chelsea House, 1987. 55-66. Print.
Reprinted Essays
Twentieth Century Views
Grieg, J.Y.T. “The Social Critic.” Thackeray: A Reconsideration. London: Oxford
UP, 1950. 90-101. Rpt. in Thackeray: A Collection of Critical Essays. Ed.
Alexander Welsh. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1968. 38-48. Print.
Reid, Stephen A. “The „Unspeakable Rites‟ in Heart of Darkness.” Modern Fiction
Studies 9.4 (1963): 347-356. Rpt. in Conrad: A Collection of Critical Essays.
Ed. Marvin Mudrick. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1966. 45-54. Print.
Gershoy, Leo. “The World and France React to the Emperor.” The French
Revolution and Napoleon. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1970. N. pag.
Rpt. in 1800-1820: The Nineteenth Century. Ed. Jodie L. Zdrok. Detroit:
Greenhaven Press, 2005. 51-59. Print.
Taylor, John M. “The Sinking of the Lusitania Nudges America Toward War.”
MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History 11.3 (1999): N. page. Rpt. in
The 1910s. Ed. John F. Wukovits. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2000. 153166. Print.
Peterson, Barbara Bennett. “Morality and the Role of Women.” Dutiful Daughters:
Seven Moral Exemplars in Chinese History. May 2004. N. pag.
Website Rpt. in Confucianism. Ed. Adriane Ruggiero.
Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2006. 108-120. Print.