College Prep - Research at the Library
We will be going to the library to conduct research for your career exploration research
paper. Please bring the following with you:
 A jumpdrive
 Your notebook with a research project folder/section & your handouts
 Money for the copier ($.15 per copy)
 Notecards (at least 100 in case you make any mistakes)
1. When you get an article from Novels for Students, NCLC books, or any anthology
(collection of essays from different authors in one book) you need BOTH
RULE: “To cite a previously published scholarly article in a collection, give the
complete data for the earlier publication and then add Rpt. in (‘Reprinted in’), the
title of the collection, and the new publication facts.”
In other words: You need to get the publication information for the article and the
book in which it is reprinted!
____ Author.
Jacoby, Jeff.
The 1st four are
____ “Article Title.”
“Bring Back Flogging.”
from the end of
the article
____ Original Main Title.
Boston Globe.
____ Original Publication Date. 20 February 1997.
Rpt. in Current Issues and
____ Rpt. in New Main Title.
Enduring Questions.
____ Editor(s).
Eds. Elizabeth M. Schaaf, et. al.
is found at
____ Edition Number.
6th ed.
the front of
New York: Bedford/St.
____ Pub. City: Company,
the book
Martin’s, 2002.
____ Page Range in New
Jacoby, Jeff. “Bring Back Flogging.” Boston Globe. 20 February 1997. Rpt. in
Current Issues and Enduring Questions. Eds. Elizabeth M. Schaaf, et. al. 6th ed.
New York: Beford/St. Martin’s, 2002. 149-151.
2. You need to get all book sources first, then go back and get the information off of
the computer because you can always go to the website at home!
3. I would suggest that you write down the bibliography information for all book
sources on the back of this page.