Determination of active components of interest in encapsulated and

Determination of active components of interest in encapsulated and
polymers of widespread industrial application
Laura Garcia Nieto
June 2014
Dr. Jacinto Guiteras
Departament of Quimica Analitica
Otilia Par Vilanova
BASF Castellbisbal
The TFG was carried out in BASF Castellbisball,a production centre in where more than 300
different products are produced. The quality control laboratory of this centre must quickly
identify and quantify quickly some components of interest in the products. Generally, the
technique used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the components of interest is High
Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)[1]
This study focuses on four components that are analysed in different types of product:
Pyraclostrobin, Vitamin A, DADMAC and acrylamide. These products have particular interest
because they are either toxic or active ingredients of the product.
A new method for the analysis of Pyraclostrobin and Vitamin A was developed because
these are new products for the factory while software for processing the data for DADMAC
analysis was programmed. For acrylamide, the objective was to improve the currently
established method of analysis because it presented many problems. A method to optimize
time in acrylamide analysis was developed.