Georgina Public Library Board
Thursday June 18,2015
7:00 p.m.
lntroduction of Addendum ltems
Matters for Disposition
(Advisement refer to item 9.7)
FAST(l¡r¡FACTSfrorrì lyÍ)r( ¡l
Nurnber of brarrches.3
Nurnber of members 15,007
Nrrrnber ol library vrsits
Nunrber of library websrte vrsits:
We appreciate the contributions that allow Georgina Public Libraries
to "Open Doors and Minds" to all residents and deliver excellent
serv¡ces to the residents of Georgina:
NLrnrber of soc.ral media vistts: 3,536'
Nurntrer r>l ¡lerns<
ulated. 265,065
Nrrrnl-ler o1 ebooks r.tru.ulater.l:
ln-library matenals Lrse 81,016
Collection Size (ex ebooks & ¿Lrclio) 89,564
('ollection Size e-Book¡Audio' 65,598
Nurnlrer of prograrns 2,989
Progranr ¿ttendance 16,666
of library workstations 16,506
[Jse of library WiFi 4,989
Reterenc.e/Reader's Advlsory 1O,244'
(lncludes AskON live <hat service)
Iechnrcal/Electronr( Questrons 3,380"
Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm.
Board meetings are open to the public.
Please consult our website for specñc
Georgina Public Library Board 2014
Paul Nrclrolls. t
Bobbi 5abatlrìt, vi(e-( hau
Kinrberley Aur rello
lvan Dav¡s
Naotnl Davtsorì.( ()un(rll()r Wdr{i
t abnel (5am) Kennedy
Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism for an annual household
grant of 562,580, and for supporting of a suite of eResources
Georgina Public Libraries for their passion and
enthusiasm for our libraries, running ourV¡siting Library Services
and special events. This year they organized a Victorian Tea,
raising 52,000 and the 9th Annual Grate Groan-Up Spelling Bee
that raised an awesome 58,700
Specialthanks also to ourV¡siting Library Service volunteers who
bring mater¡als to the homebound, extending our reach in the
That Georgina Chamber of Commerce for their Vote it Forward
program compet¡tion: our video on Maker Space programming
won us 51,200 to support innovative programming for our
children and youth
to our wonderful team of managers and staff who are
comm¡tted to the library's mission and helping transform lives
As always,
every day!
Georgina Public Libraries
Peter Gzowski Branch
S2TgBlackRiver Road
76 Pete's Lane
(70s) 437-1s14
l..rz Roar lr
rer tor ot I ilrr¡rr¡ \r'rv¡r es¡( I ()
"l mt¡sl say I trrrd televrsron vety educattorr.rl
flre rnrnute sonrebody turn\ rl on, lç,o t() the
library arrd read a c¡ood book "
Grourho Marx
90 Wexford Drive
(g0s) 476-s762
Robert MacDonald
Mary Baxtet l)
The Year in Review
community while enriching lives
Annual btrdqet 52,117,92O
The Library Board meets on the th¡rd
Town of Georgina Council grant of 51,942,790
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2014 in Review
Town of Georgina/Region of York services: the 3 library branches provide convenient,
extended access to many municipal services including recycle bins, bag tags, YRT
tickets, and resident park passes.
For the past 14 yeafs as Chairman,l've taken
electronic pen in hand'to update the
citizens of Georgina on the continuing
evolution and accomplishments of your
library system.
Making our libraries accessible: partnering with CELA to provide reading materials in
alternate formats for people with print disabilities.
Your Georgina Public Libraries...
Georgina Public Libraries
New library cards: we introduced new adult cards with catchy phrases'A great place to
get checked out';"use this card until it falls apart'í"You can go anywhere from here'i
"Show me your card and l'll show you mine'i
Staff development & training: we support life-long learning for everyone, including our
staff. Staff participated in many learning opportunlties, focussing on digital skills, and
health and safety. Alljob descriptions were reviewed and updated to better reflect the
reality of today's library.
The library of 2014 is not the library of your childhood: it is a hub, a community"living
room'i a level playing field for literacy, lifelong learning and access to technology, maker
space, and more'. you can go anywhere from here.
Programs, programs, programs! From early literacy story & rhyme programs, book clubs,
babysitting courses, computer and eReader training, ESL, culture days festival, games,
knitting, maker events, yoga.....We are your community living room!
The library is also a municipal partner, supporting the goals & objectives of the Town by
offering convenient, extended access toTown services and information.
Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee, organized by the Friends of the Library, again raised
thousands of dollars to support library initiatives. ln 2014 funds were used to purchase
the 3D printer & laptop, display materials, the Bill Nye science series DVDs, tools for
maker programs, sewing machines and a DVD tower. Many thanks!!
Our Values: "Opening doors & minds'í intellectual freedom, reliable & relevant
information, knowledgeable & responsive staff, accessible & welcoming facilities, fiscal
responsibility, community collaboration, programs and services that meet the unique
needs of Georgina residents.
Highlights from 2014:
Technology literacies for the 21st Century: "Maker" programming with a 3D-printer
purchased by the Friends of the Library, and other programs that engage the creative,
collaborative brain, including Lego, sewing and crafts. The Maker-Bot visited every
elementary school in Georgina.
New online public catalogue "Enterprise" provides a more intuitive, attractive and
modern search and discover interface. lt provides improved integration with our
website, and eBooks/e-audio resources - one place to look conveniencel
Support for life-long learning through access to traditional resources and an increased
menu of eResources, including the addition of Zinio downloadable magazines. Library
staff also offered exam proctoring services to distance education learners, and
homework support to students of all ages.
Our Mission is to OpenDoorsond Mînds;
the challenge is to respond to Georgina's
evolving information and service needs
responsibly.'We do this by building on our
previous successes, and by investing
carefully in our technology plalform to
ensure we âfe a5 current as we can be.
The Georgina Public Library Board works to
a comprehensive Strategic Plan and an
actionable set of goals developed from
broad-based community input. Our current
plan applies to 2011 to 2016.On the left, we've given some key service
events we achieved in 2014.
Who uses your public library? ln one morning we spoke to:
. A tutor who meets students after school and on weekends to support learning
Seniors who find the library is a home away from home, offering opportunities for
relaxation, social networking, access to Wi-Fi, and books (of course)
New immigrants seeking community connection and information, ESL classes,
computer classes, access to the Welcome Centre Mobile Outreach.
Families introducing their children to the joys of books and stories, and
participating in the many programs and activities offered (mostly free of charge)
Movie fans borrowing the latest DVDs
lnformal"study budd¡es" preparing for
coffee too!)
All members of our team appreciate
receivíng feedback from our patrons with
regard to our selvices. We work on the
items that need improvement,and continue
to do the things we do well.
Our staffare passionate about serving our
clients and we're proud of that comm¡tment
to excellence.
a discussion group (you can bring your
continuing debt of gratitude to
our partner organizations and supporters. lt
is only with theír enthusiastic participation
that we are as successful as we are today,
We owe a
Your Feedback:
On behalf of myfellow board members and
the management team of the Library, we
Volunteer teens earn needed hours for their high school requirements, and learn
leadership skills along the way.
"l wish to draw your attention to the impressive level of service provided by your
eTech person...l requested assistance in adding the ability to download library
books to my newTablet computer. She dug into the ínformation on the lnternet,
and came up with much useful information and as a result, I not only can get my
library and other books on my tablet, but learned much in how to use the new
Community outreach & partnerships: our focus is turning outward more & more,
participating in community events and partnerships, including Town of Georgina,
Linking Georgina, Chamber of Commerce, Hospice, Job Skills, Georgina Art Centre &
Gallery, schools, Welcome Centre, Service Canada outreach, tax clinics - wherever
people gather.
"l called the library yesterday looking for a book. Unable to find it myself but
whoever was manning the help desk yesterday helped me find this on a website I
had never heard of. lt is a text book not carried by any library (except two copies in
Toronto). Saved me 5100!!!! - being able to purchase it for 57.44. Thank you ever so
much for going beyond the ordinary."
Teen engagement: development of a very successful teen volunteer program to help
with evening/weekend family programs, builder's clubs, and special events. Teens also
participate in an advisory committee, a teen café and babysitter training programs.
are extremely grateful and very proud of all
of our community partners,volunteers and
stafffor helping us deliver another
successful year for the Georgina Public
Library System.
Come out to the library, and go where-ever
youd like to go!
Paul Nicholls,Chair
¡ lf you'd like a copy ofour
Pfan, it is available at all our
branches and online at our webs¡te.