PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam changes from “Essay” to Objective

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam changes from “Essay” to Objective Testing” Style
The format of the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam is changing. The open-ended essay style questions will be replaced by objective testing questions
from September 2007
Q. Why are the exams moving to an objective testing format?
To reduce time in delivering exam results (From 12 weeks to 2 weeks)
To increase consistency of marking.
To make them more acceptable to the growing international market.
Q. What are the benefits to delegates ?
A significant time reduction in delivering results to candidates
Very little writing involved - So the exam will be easier for those unused to writing for extended periods of time
The format means less worry about their handwriting, grammar and spelling whilst taking the examination.
Q. What is the format of the exam?
Q. What
The examination will comprise of 9 Questions selected from 11 topics:
Organisation, Business Case, Controls, Change Control, The Management of Risk, Quality in a Project Environment, Plans,
Configuration Management, Processes, Product-based Planning and Quality Review
type of objective questions can I expect?
Classical multiple choice – Choose one answer from a list
Yes/No – Assess whether a statement is correct
Multiple response – Choose the correct options from a list
Matching – Links items in one list to items in a second list
Sequencing – Position events in a sequence
Assertion/reason – Link the Assertion and Reason statements together
Q. Is there reading time with the new exam?
Q. Is the new exam still open book?
Q. Will the “Objective Testing” format make the exam easier?
No, it will be at the same level as the current Practitioner examination.
Q. How long will it take for me to receive the results from the exam?
It is expected that results will take a maximum of 2 weeks to be sent out
Q. Will I still get feedback if I fail the exam?
Yes - A feedback report will be supplied to candidates to advise them how well they performed in the various Syllabus areas
Q. What languages will I be able to take the exam in?
At the moment the exams are currently only available in English
It will also be available in Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish (Castilian) by September
Q. If I have taken the exam against the old style of paper and fail, which style will I be able to resit using?
From the 1st September 2007 you will be required to re-sit the new style exam, however special requests can be made to re-sit the old
style via an ATO up until the 31st December 2008 and will be reviewed on an individual basis.
Q What is the difference between Foundation exam Multiple Choice questions and Practitioner Objective Testing
Foundation questions address knowledge of the terminology of the method and a high –to – medium understanding of the concepts.
The Practitioner exam tests knowledge, understanding, application, analysis and evaluation of the method.
Q. What is the timetable for changing the PRINCE2 re-registration exam to the new format?
The PRINCE2 Re-registration exam is intended to follow suit of the new style Practitioner exam. The existing format for PRINCE2 Reregistration (1 question, essay based style) will continue until further notice, though will be amend in early 2008 to reflect the new format
of practitioner exam.
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Q. What’s Included in the Prince2 Practitioner “Objective Testing” Exam Paper ?
The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam paper consists of 3 booklets.
The Scenario Booklet - Contains a scenario providing a description of the organisation, the business rationale for the project and the
project objectives.
The Question Booklet will contain 9 questions, worth 40 marks, each covering a different syllabus area which will be clearly identified.
This gives a total of 360 marks and the pass mark is 180.
The Answer Booklet will contain the answer sheets on which your answers must be given. There will only ever be 1 answer to each
question (unless it is otherwise clearly stated). There may be questions where the candidate is required to select one answer, but feels
that more than one answer is correct. Because of the flexible nature of PRINCE2 this is inevitable on some topics. The exam does
recognise this and for this reason some questions say 'Which of the following is MOSTLIKELY.....' or partial marks are awarded for the
less suitable but still correct choice.
Q. How long does the exam last ?
The exam last 3 hours, this allows 20 minutes for each of the 9 questions.
Reference to the candidates own annotated PRINCE2 manual is permitted during the exam. No additional support material is permitted,
including use of post it notes or stapled sheets.
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