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February 7, 20XX
Martin Carter
Vice President of Corporate Marketing
XYZ Software, Inc.
285 Appletree Way
Boston, MA 02215
Dear Martin Carter:
I am writing to you to apply for the Marketing Internship position which was posted in the Boston
University School of Management’s job database. XYZ Software was ranked by Forrester Research as
the market leader for web-based learning, and I am eager to work for a company on the leading edge of
Internet software development. After attending your company information session, I am confident that I
can make an immediate contribution to XYZ Software by applying my marketing background and
experience that I developed during my previous work and academic experience.
As Marketing Intern at eLearning Magazine, I helped the company develop and implement its marketing
programs to compete effectively in a crowded marketplace. Using qualitative and quantitative market
research, I analyzed the firm’s strategic position and recommended market and partner opportunities to
strengthen its competitive position. While working on the cross-functional business plan team project, I
developed a survey and conducted a focus group with our target market in order to develop a
comprehensive integrated marketing communications plan. I also assumed a leadership role in the team
by scheduling meetings, establishing agendas and editing the final report.
I am eager to work in the eLearning marketplace and bring my marketing and communications
experience to XYZ Software. I am enclosing a copy of my resume to provide you with additional
details on my experience and how I could contribute to your organization. Please feel free to contact me
at (put your email address here) or at (put your cell phone number here). Thank you in advance for
your time and consideration.
Susan Jones
123 Main Drive • Boston, MA 02215 • 555.555.5555 • [email protected]
September 30, 20XX
Sarah Green
Campus Recruiter
555 Main Street
Boston, MA 02215
Dear Ms. Sarah Green:
I am writing to apply for the summer audit accounting internship posted on the Boston University Career
Link. After speaking with John Jones, it seems that ABC Company has a genuine relationship with its
employees. I am fervent to work for a firm who advocates for a collaborative and hands on atmosphere.
ABC Company’s out of the ordinary clientele such as tabulating ballots for the winners of the Primetime
Emmy® Awards demonstrates its myriad of opportunities. As an avid reader of the New York Times,
my passion for accounting lies in its application to current events. I enjoy being able to converse about
the news and offer new insights to other readers.
As the Vice President of Financial Affairs for ZXY Organization, I am accountable for allocating 60,000
dollars to over 400 unique student organizations across campus. I assess their funding proposals and
investigate the organizations financials to ensure that the money allocated is being spent appropriately.
Once I determine the financials are in accordance with our constitution, I take part in the deliberation of
whether or not the allocation fits into the framework of my designed budget. Serving with such a diverse
body of students has allowed me to co-lead rewarding assembly meetings where each representative is
able to voice his or her opinion establishing a safe and open atmosphere. Approaching these opinions
with an impartial view has granted me the respect of my peers. Having had the opportunity to work in a
team based environment and audit organizations on campus has fortified my desire to become a public
In conjunction with working on diverse teams I also am comfortable completing tasks on my own.
Student government has given me the opportunity to negotiate with Boston Celtics representatives as
well as lead presentations in front of the incoming freshman class. Furthermore, having been a plumber
for a small corporation, I was expected to complete jobs for clients with definitive deadlines. I was able
to manage my time by defining the job’s priorities and by developing a practical schedule.
My connection to audit along with the desire to work in a diverse and dynamic environment has lured
me to ABC Company. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to explore my future at
ABC Company. Please feel free to contact me either through email at [email protected] or my cell (555)
555-5555. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Joe Smith