Day 3 Agile Productivity

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Agile Project Management with Scrum Series
Day Three: Creating Self-Organizing Teams
October 21st, 2009
9am – 4:30pm
Teamwork is the lynchpin of agile product development. A team that holds
itself accountable for creatively solving problems and delivering value will
always outperform a group of individuals that doesn’t work as a team. Good
teams are rare and creating them is something of an art. This workshop will
provide you with the tools to diagnose the health of your team, understand the
unspoken dynamics that occur in a team and provide techniques for turning a
group of people into a performing team.
Topics Covered:
Legal matters: Conway’s Law and Weinberg’s Second Law of Consulting
Dysfunctional Teams: Recognizing the problem and implementing
Being Congruent: Matching actions to words
It Takes a Village: How personality types influence teamwork
Core Protocols: Patterns for increasing high-bandwidth communication
Upon completion of this class, you’ll understand how a gelled team is able to
be significantly more productive than a team that hasn’t gelled, you’ll be able
to identify the impediments that prevent a team from gelling and you’ll have
tools to help the team remove those impediments. You’ll also understand how
personality types shape a team and how to help teams play to their strengths and compensate for their
Intended audience: team leads, managers, project managers, agile coaches
Enrollment Fee – Only $595 per day, $1800 for the complete four day series
… includes refreshments, class materials and a take-away reference book!
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Instructor Alex Garrett is a Certified ScrumMaster and has been an agile practitioner for 8 years and an agile
coach for 6. The bulk of his experience is from working with large companies in the financial and utility
sectors. If he doesn’t code for at least two hours a day he gets cranky.
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