Enrollment Guide - Norwalk Community College

2015-2016 Enrollment Guide
Norwalk Community College
Welcome to NCC
Norwalk Community College (NCC) offers more than
43 Associate Degree programs designed to help
you succeed in today’s job market. You can use your
associate degree as a career credential or continue
on for a four-year degree. In fact, many of our graduates do transfer to four-year colleges in their junior
year, greatly reducing the overall cost of their
college education.
NCC also offers 22 Certificate programs, each designed
to help you obtain specific skills, earn an important
academic credential, or pursue an interest in
greater depth.
Table of Contents
Seven Steps to Start!
Step 1: Admissions Requirements..................................................... 1
Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid............................................................ 3
Step 3: Take the Placement Test......................................................... 4
Step 4: Log on to Your Student Account......................................... 4
Step 5: Academic Advising.................................................................. 5
Step 6: Registration................................................................................. 7
Step 7: Tuition and Fees...................................................................... 10
Course Listings, Prerequisites and Requirements...................... 12
Online, Online/Campus Hybrid and Computer Courses.......... 13
Learning Communities at NCC.......................................................... 13
Academic Calendar 2015-2016......................................................... 14
NCC Student Email and Online Services ....................................... 16
Application for Admission Form................................................ 17-23
Extended Studies and Workforce Education ............................... 24
Directions to NCC................................................................................... 25
Important Contact Information...................................... Back Cover
New Credit Students
1. All students who have never attended NCC must complete
an application and submit a $20 application fee. An online
application may be found on the NCC website. From the
homepage, go to Apply Online under the Admissions tab. For
a paper application, go to Application Package. Download,
print and complete the application and mail it or submit it
in person with the $20 fee. Fee waivers are not accepted with
online applications. The application fee is waived for students
who previously applied to another Connecticut Community
2. Apply for Financial Aid, if desired. Students wishing to apply
for Financial Aid may go to Financial Aid under the Admissions tab or may apply online directly at www.FAFSA.ed.gov.
To qualify for Federal Financial Aid you must declare a degree
or certificate program, comply with immunization laws
and provide proof of high school completion (final official
transcript, diploma or GED).
3. Schedule a placement test. All new students must take a
Basic Skills or English as a Second Language placement test
prior to registering for classes. From the homepage of the
NCC website, go to Schedule a Placement Test under the
Admissions tab. Use your NCC student number sent in your
acceptance email to schedule the appointment. Students
with previous college English and math credits or minimum
SAT or ACT scores may be exempt from the test. Check
the testing page for exemptions.
4. Submit proof of high school completion (final official
transcript, diploma or GED) if you plan to earn a degree
or certificate at NCC.
5. All full-time (12 credits or more) and degree or certificate
seeking students must submit proof of immunization for
measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (two doses each or lab
results showing immunity). You may not declare a major,
register as a full-time student or receive Financial Aid without immunization compliance.
6. New first-time students are required to attend a First-Year
Success Workshop prior to registering for classes. See Step 5
on page 5 for details.
7. Once you have been advised and have a registration form
signed by an advisor, register at the Records Office and pay
your tuition/fees at the Business Office.
Transfer Students
1. Students who have previously attended another college
should apply for admission as stated above.
2. Apply for Financial Aid, if desired, as stated above.
3. Submit immunization requirements as stated above.
4. Submit proof of high school completion if pursuing a degree
or certificate or applying for Financial Aid.
5. Submit official transcripts from all previous colleges
if you will be pursuing a degree or certificate. Send
official transcripts to NCC Admissions, 188 Richards Ave.,
Norwalk, CT 06854.
6. To have credits transferred to your NCC records, submit
a Transcript Evaluation Request Form to the Counseling
7. Make an appointment for advising with our Counseling
Center (203) 857-7033 or attend one of the Walk-in
Registration dates listed on the Academic Calendar on pages
14-15. Bring unofficial transcripts to show prerequisites and
to be waived from the placement test.
8. Complete registration at the Records and Business Offices.
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 1
Readmit Students
1. NCC students who have not taken credit classes within
the last two years must submit either an online or paper
Readmit Application. There is no fee.
2. Full-time and degree or certificate seeking students must
comply with current immunization requirements.
3. Make a registration advising appointment with our
Counseling Center at (203) 857-7033 or attend a Walk-in
Registration (see the Academic Calendar on pages 14 and
15). You may also meet with the coordinator of your major
program (see the Advisor Directory on pages 5 and 6).
4. Complete registration and payment at the Records and
Business Offices.
5. The Fresh Start Option gives the readmitting student who
had a GPA below 2.0 the opportunity to start again without
the burden of a poor academic history. Contact the Records
Office for information.
Non-Credit Students
1. To register for non-credit classes online, go to www.online.
DCATALOG and follow the prompts. To register children
for College for Kids, go to https://www.online.commnet.
and follow the prompts.
2. To register for non-credit classes in-person, or by mail or
fax, complete the registration form found in the back of the
Extended Studies & Workforce Education catalog.*
In person: Go to the Records Office, East Campus Room
102, Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.,
and Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
By mail: Include Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card number
with expiration date, or make check or money order payable
to NCC and mail to NCC Records Office, 188 Richards
Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854-1655.
By fax: Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card ONLY (number
and expiration date required). Fax registration form to
(203) 857-7012.
By phone: Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card ONLY
(number and expiration date required): (203) 857-7237.
* To request a catalog or for additional information, call
(203) 857-7080.
Non-Credit ESL Students
Non-credit ESL students must fill out an application, pay a
$20 fee, and sign up for a placement test before registering for
classes. Contact the ESL office in E206 for more information
at (203) 857-6854.
2 www.norwalk.edu
Office Hours
Admissions, Room E106
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Financial Aid, Room E105
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Business Office, Room E103
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Records and Registrar, Room E102
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Information Technology Services
(Help Desk), Room E319
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Apply for
Financial Aid
Photo ID is required at the front counter of the Financial Aid
Office when inquiring about your Financial Aid status. Please
be sure to bring your driver’s license, State ID or NCC Student
ID with you.
Parents please be advised that student information,
including financial aid information, cannot be given to the
parent without the student present or without a signed
release form. ONLY the student can fill out a release form in
the Financial Aid Office in room E105. Please refer to the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Brochure
that explains confidentiality at NCC.
Getting Started
1. Provide an email address where we can send information
about your financial aid. Both NCC’s Financial Aid Office
and the U.S. Department of Education will use your email
address to send you updates about your Financial Aid. If
you don’t have an email address you can get one for FREE
at many websites on the Internet. Some of these sites are
www.hotmail.com, www.juno.com, www.worldnet.com,
www.yahoo.com. Please remember: If you change your email
address, make sure to change it on my.CommNet.edu also.
• Your parent’s Federal Income Tax Return
• Records of untaxed income, Worker Compensation and
Disability, veteran’s benefits, military or clergy allowances,
child support and SNAP
• Current bank statements and records of stocks, bonds,
and other investments
• Business or farm records if applicable
• Your permanent resident card if you are an eligible
Questions about the FAFSA process should be directed to
(203) 857-7023.
5. Use the “Online” Student Information System. Track your
Financial Aid application on the Internet by using NCC’s
online student information system, myCommNet. To use
myCommNet, you will need your NetID. Please see “Log on
to Your Student Account” on page 4 for instructions on how
to access the student information system.
Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.
We are here to assist you at NK-FinAid@norwalk.edu or call
(203) 857-7023.
2. Apply for a Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you
don’t have a PIN go to www.pin.ed.gov and apply for one.
The PIN allows you to sign your Federal Student Aid Application online. Dependent students should have one parent
apply for a PIN also.
3. Complete Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) on
the Web. To apply for Federal, State and NCC aid, please
go to the FAFSA website at www.FAFSA.ed.gov and apply
for aid. This is a FREE process. There are other websites that
charge a fee, these are NOT the U.S. Department of Education’s website. You should never have to pay a fee to fill out
the FAFSA application. NCC’s school code for the FAFSA
application is 001399.
4. You will need the following documents to complete the
FAFSA online:
• Your social security card and driver’s license
• W-2 forms or other records of income earned
• Your Federal Income Tax Return
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 3
Take the
Placement Test
All first-time students are placed into courses based on an assessment of their academic readiness to take college-level courses.
Most students must take a placement test*—a computerized skills
assessment of reading comprehension, writing and mathematics
abilities. The results will provide you and your NCC advisor
with the information needed to place you in courses appropriate
to your background and ability.
To sign up for a placement test, you must first submit an
application to NCC, with a $20 fee, and receive your NCC
Student ID (or Banner) number.
* The Mathematics Department strongly suggests that you review your math skills
before taking the test.
Log On to Your
Student Account
Your application must be complete in order to access your student
myCommNet account. Access to new student accounts may take
up to 24 hours after Admissions has processed your application.
Your NetID is your college network user name, and it allows you to
log on to computers in the library and labs. Your NetID also
gives you entry to http://my.commnet.edu, the “portal” entry to
Connecticut Community College online services: library services,
online registration, academic transcripts, grades, Blackboard
Learn and more.
Logging On For the First Time
You received your Banner ID when you were admitted. It is not
the confirmation number (i.e. G00...) you received with your
online application. Your NetID is your Banner ID with the @
symbol following the eight numbers (i.e. 123456768@student.
commnet.edu). If you have questions about your application,
contact Admissions at (203) 857-7068. 4 www.norwalk.edu
Testing is by appointment only. You can schedule your
appointment through the NCC website at www.norwalk.edu
by clicking on “Admissions” and then on “Placement Testing.”
You may be exempt if you have prior college English composition and math credits, or SAT or ACT scores at certain levels.
See the placement testing page on the NCC website for details.
After submitting SAT/ACT scores or completion of the
NCC placement test, you will receive registration instructions.
Your initial password is made up of the following personal
• The first three characters of your birth month (with the first
letter capitalized)
• The “&” symbol
• The last four digits of your Social Security Number (for example:
Apr&1899). If you did not provide a social security number, please
go to the Records Office, room E102, with a valid photo ID to
request a password.
The password is case sensitive. You will be prompted to change
your password.
For additional information, go to www.norwalk.edu,
click on the yellow myCommNet bar on the left side of the
page, then click on Login to myCommNet. If you don’t know
your NetID, click on Forgot your Net ID. You will then be
directed to the NetID Lookup where you can enter your personal information.
Academic Advising
New Students
First-time students are required to schedule and attend a FirstYear Success Workshop. New students taking the placement test
will be asked to make a First-Year Success Workshop (FYSW)
appointment upon completion of the test.
Students who expect to be exempt from both the English and
mathematics placement test for qualifying SAT or ACT scores
can make an appointment for a FYSW through the NCC website in the menu under Admissions on the homepage.
At the workshop, students will have an orientation presentation, meet with an advisor and register for classes.
Program Advisor Directory
Architectural Engineering Technology
Art (Fine Arts/Studio Arts)
Building Efficiency & Sustainable Technology (BEST)
Business Administration/Transfer
Child Development Associate Credential (CDA)
Communication Arts Computer Science Degree
Computer Security Degree
Construction Technology
Criminal Justice
Design for the Web
Developmental English
Early Childhood Education
Engineering Science (Pathway)
English as a Second Language (credit)
English as a Second Language (non-credit)
Exercise Science
Foreign Language Sequence
General Studies Gerontology
Graphic Design
Group Exercise Instructor
High School Partnership
M. Roe
A. Romeo
T. Scott
E. Wiegand
J. Bigosinski
J. Fucigna
E. Gribin
R. Barone
K. Gray
K. Coppola
L. Soderlind
T. Duffy
P. Cassidy
J. Bigosinski
A. Seaborn
J. Alvord
M. Butcaris
K. Coppola
M. Dana-Conway
J. Parris
J. Wood
J. Karnowski
E. Glatt
C. Machado
D. Daych
P. Gallo
Student Success Center
C. Harker
J. Alvord
N. Hafner
W. Chagnon
(203) 857-7252
(203) 857-7271
(203) 857-7358
(203) 857-7377
(203) 857-7159
(203) 857-3323
(203) 857-7345
(203) 857-7333
(203) 857-3359
(203) 857-7119
(203) 857-7279
(203) 857-6892
(203) 857-7336
(203) 857-7159
(203) 857-7096
(203) 857-6890
(203) 857-7191
(203) 857-7119
(203) 857-7116
(203) 857-3381
(203) 857-7352
(203) 857-3378
(203) 857-7292
(203) 857-7176
(203) 857-6881
(203) 857-7194
E107 W106-h
(203) 857-7255
(203) 857-7013
(203) 857-6890
(203) 857-7330
(203) 857-7090
(Call for appointment)
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 5
Program Advisor Directory (cont’d.)
Honors Program
Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts
Hotel/Motel Management
Human Services
Insurance & Financial Services
Interior Design
Legal Assistant
LAS - Liberal Arts & Science - Math/Science
LAS - Liberal Arts & Science - Transfer
LAS Transfer - Foreign Language Sequence
LAS Transfer - Global Studies Sequence
LAS Transfer - Psychology
LAS Transfer - UConn Gap
LAS Transfer - Women’s Studies Sequence
Medical Assistant
Medical Office Management
Mental Health Certificate
Networking Certificate
Physical Therapist Assistant
Recreation & Leisure Studies
Relational Database Development Certificate
Respiratory Care/Pre-Respiratory Care
Restaurant/Food Service Management
Smartphone App Developer
Student Support Services Trio Program
Technological Studies
Veterinary Technology
Web Developer Certificate
C. Milton
T. Failla
T. Failla
J. Trombetta
C. Harker
T. Jackson
K. Gray
J. Bigosinski
T. Jackson
M. Barber
R. Edge, Coordinator
S. Gebhardt-Burns
M. F. Carmell
H. Moeckel-Rieke
G. Capobianco
W. Grodman
R. Edge, Coordinator
O. Soto
C. Milton
T. Scott
S. Steiz
M. Carolus
R. Horan
M. Carolus
W. Fitzgerald
R. Horan
C. Harker
P. Cassidy
Counseling Center
W. Fitzgerald
C. Yoder
J. Bresnick
W. Fitzgerald
L. R. Silva
C. Yoder
T. Jackson
C. Harker
T. Duffy
W. Fitzgerald
M. Grayson
D. Pelaez
C. Yoder
T. Failla
C. Anstett
T. Duffy
J. Santiago
E. Edwards
J. Karnowski
E. Glatt
A. Hermans
T. Duffy
E107 (Student Success Ctr.)
E107 (Student Success Ctr.)
(203) 857-7224
(203) 857-7303
(203) 857-7303
(203) 857-3393
(203) 857-7013
(203) 857-7152
(203) 857-3359
(203) 857-7159
(203) 857-7152
(203) 857-7275
(203) 857-7255
(Call for appointment)
(203) 857-7255
(Call for appointment)
E107 (Student Success Ctr.) E104
E 207
(203) 857-7343
(203) 857-7335
(203) 857-3351
(203) 857-7295
(203) 857-7255
(203) 857-7030
(203) 857-7227
(203) 857-7358
(203) 857-7331
(203) 857-7213
(203) 857-6852
(203) 857-7213
(203) 857-7147
(203) 857-6852
(203) 857-7013
(203) 857-7336
(203) 857-7033
(203) 857-7137
(203) 857-7147
(203) 857-7198
(203) 857-7137
(203) 857-7199
(203) 857-7147
(203) 857-7152
(203) 857-7013
(203) 857-6891
(203) 857-7137
(203) 857-6971
(203) 857-7284
(203) 857-7147
(203) 857-7303
(203) 857-3369
(203) 857-6892
(203) 857-7107
(203) 857-7190
(203) 857-3378
(203) 857-7292
(203) 857-7364
(203) 857-6892
6 www.norwalk.edu
Register Online
or In-Person
The Admissions Office must designate you as a student before
you can register for classes. You will need to receive your NetID/
Student ID# (the number with the @ sign) from the Admissions
Office. See Admissions Requirements on page 1 of this guide or
visit the Admissions Office in room E106 for more information.
New Students
Students new to NCC must apply for admission prior to registering for classes. You may access an application form online
by going to the NCC website at www.norwalk.edu. First-time
students are required to schedule and attend a First-Year Success
Workshop. At that time, students will have an orientation
presentation and meet with an advisor and register for classes.
Readmit Students
Students away from NCC for more than two years must readmit
at the Admissions Office prior to registering for classes. There is
no application fee for readmit students. If you are readmitting
with a GPA below 2.0, you may be eligible for Fresh Start. Please
contact the Records Office (room E102).
ESL Students
Students taking English as a Second Language courses must meet
with an ESL advisor prior to registering. See pages 5 and 6 for
advisor contact information.
All Students
All students must activate their college email address via their
myCommNet account. New and readmit students may have to
wait 24 hours after being admitted to access their online student
accounts. If you receive an error message when logging on, contact
Admissions at (203) 857-7068.
No late registration is allowed. Students must register for classes prior
to the first day of each semester. As of the first day of classes, students
will only be allowed to add additional courses to their schedules.
Online Registration
All current students are strongly encouraged to use the NCC
online system to register for classes, especially if they have met with
an advisor and are aware of course pre- or co-requisites.
Here’s What to Do:
• Search for available courses on the web via the public
Course Schedule Search that can be accessed from the link
on the NCC website, www.norwalk.edu.
• Click on the hyperlinks in the Course Search to view
important course and textbook information.
• Once you have selected your classes and met with your
advisor, register for classes online by securely logging into
the myCommNet web system (http://my.commnet.edu)
using your NetID.
• You can register online for courses for which you have
successfully completed the prerequisite courses at NCC, or
have transferred in credit through the Counseling Center,
or for which your advisor has entered a registration waiver
for you in the system. See the NCC College Catalog for
Course Descriptions to view course prerequisites.
• You may also access course descriptions on the NCC
homepage under Academics.
• After logging in to myCommNet, follow the directions on
page 8 to register online for classes.
Online Registration Notes:
• Register at your convenience on the web.
• Be sure to include a credit card payment or pay in person
at the Business Office at time of registration.
• Print out and check your class schedule on myCommNet.
• The last day to register online for a full-semester (14-week)
class is the day before that semester begins.
• The last day to drop a full-semester (14-week) class with
100% tuition refund is the day before that semester begins.
• VETERANS who register must immediately notify the Veterans
Certifying Official in the Records Office, room E102.
• Track your progress toward your degree/certificate using
the Degree Evaluation tool in your myCommNet.
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 7
NetID and Login Information
What is NetID and why is it important?
What can I do if that doesn’t work?
NetID is your college network username, and it allows you to log on to
computers in the library and the labs. In addition, from any computer with
Internet access, your NetID gives you entry to http://my.commnet.edu,
the “portal” of single point of entry to Norwalk Community College online
services which include library services, online registration, academic transcripts,
grades, Blackboard and more.
The ID that you receive from the Admissions Office when you apply (called
a G number) will NOT allow you to do any of the above. You will need to
wait to receive your Banner or student ID which begins with @ in order to
access myCommNet.
If you don’t have a Social Security Number you will not be able to use the
kiosks or the website to reset your password. Instead, bring your photo ID
(driver’s license, passport, NCC ID card) to the I.T. Office (room E319) or
the Records Office (room E102), and a staff member will help you.
For any other problems you may encounter at a kiosk or on the website,
bring your valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, NCC ID card) to the
I.T. Office (room E319) or the Records Office (room E102) and a staff
member will help you.
For further password reset options via email, go to www.commnet.edu/
netid and select the “Reset Forgotten Password” option.
What does a NetID look like?
How can current students register for
courses online?
Your NetID will resemble 12345678@student.commnet.edu and is your
8-digit student ID followed by @student.commnet.edu. If you are a new
student, a temporary NetID password was automatically created for you, and
resembles this example: Oct&1234. Your temporary password is unique to
you, and is made up of:
•The first three letters of your birth month with the first letter capitalized,
like this: Oct
•An ampersand (“&”) which is located above the number 7 on the
computer keyboard: &
•The last four numbers of your Social Security Number (SSN): 1234
(If you did not provide a SSN, go to the Records Office, room E102, with
a valid photo ID.)
Note: The first time you log in to a college computer successfully, you will be
required to change your password and to set your security question. There will
be a choice of questions and you will need to pick one and provide an answer.
You will have two minutes to type in and then confirm your new password.
If you exceed the time limit you will need to start over, so be prepared by thinking
of a new password before you log in for the first time! If you ever need to reset
your password you will be prompted to choose the same security question and
give the same answer.
How do I create a password that will work?
Your password must be at least eight characters, and must include three
of the following types of characters:
•An upper case letter (A to Z)
•A lower case letter (a to z)
•A number (0 to 9)
•Punctuation or symbols: ! @ # 0 ^ & * ( ) _ + | ~ - = ` { . } [ ] : “ ; ‘ ? , /
Your password cannot contain any part of your name, your NetID, or your
Social Security Number. Here are some examples of the many easy-toremember passwords that satisfy the above requirements:
You may use the kiosks located throughout the NCC campus to reset your
password, or go to the www.commnet.edu/netid website and follow these five
easy steps:
1. Think of a new password (using the requirements listed above)
2. Enter your NetID (which is your student ID without the @ sign)
3. Enter your Birth Date and Social Security Number
4. Provide the answer to your Security Question
5. Enter the new password you created in Step 1.
8 www.norwalk.edu
Go to:
http://my.commnet.edu or click on the
myCommNet link on the NCC homepage
Enter:your NetID and your password
Click on:
“Student” tab
the hyperlink in the “Student Self-service” area
Click on:
Select and click on: Registration and Payment
Select and click on: Register (add/drop) Classes
Select a term:
Choose appropriate term you are registering for
(for example “Spring 2014”)
Click on:
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter CRNs for the classes you wish
to register for. CRNs can be found on the “Course Search” utility on the NCC
“Submit Changes”
Click on:
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen
“Initiate Payment”
Choose appropriate term you are registering for
Select a term:
(for example “Fall 2014”)
Click on:
Credit Card*:
Choose MasterCard, Visa or Discover ONLY
Enter your credit card number
Card Number:
Expiration Date:
Enter your credit card expiration date
Enter a partial payment amount or pay full balance
Payment Amount:
due (do not key in dollar sign)
“Submit Payment”
Click on:
Click on: “OK” to submit payment
(if correct amount was entered)
Otherwise click on: “Change Information”
(to change payment amount)
Financial Aid students must go to the Business Office in room E103
to finalize their financial aid payments.
Connecticut War Veterans and National Guard Members who are
approved for the Connecticut State Tuition Waiver or who have a
Certificate of Eligibility must pay their fees online AND must
immediately contact the Veterans Certifying Official in the Records
Office, room E102, (203) 857-7006.
In-Person Registration
The Records Office, room E102, normally processes course
registrations Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. A registration form signed by
your counselor or advisor is required.
Current students may attend scheduled Advising and Registration sessions to meet with an advisor and register for classes.
Extended registration hours are available during these times. Check
online for Advising and Registration dates. Current students can
also call their advisor for an appointment. An Advisor Directory
can be found on pages 5 and 6.
Bring your unofficial NCC transcript with you when you
meet with your advisor or counselor. You can obtain your unofficial student transcript online at http://my.commnet.edu.
After logging on, click on the “student” tab. Once in the student
self-service area, click on the hyperlinked “click here” to access
your Student Academic Records. Then click on “Student Records”
followed by “Unofficial Transcript.” If you are a new student,
bring your Individual Score Report from your placement test
with you to your meeting with your counselor or advisor. Transfer students should bring an unofficial copy of their transcripts
from their previous colleges.
VETERANS who register must immediately notify the Veterans
Certifying Official in the Records Office, room E102.
A form of payment is required at the time of registration.
Early registration with a partial deposit at time of registration will
reserve your classes. See page 10 for further payment information.
Use the Registration Worksheet below to create a draft of
your schedule of classes. Write in each box the CRN number,
Subject and Course Number and exact meeting time of the class.
If the course includes a lab, be sure to include the lab time. Class
meeting times cannot overlap.
Registration Worksheet
8 a.m.
9 a.m.
10 a.m.
11 a.m.
12 p.m.
1 p.m.
2 p.m.
3 p.m.
4 p.m.
5 p.m.
6 p.m.
7 p.m.
8 p.m.
9 p.m.
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 9
Tuition and Fees*
2015-2016 Tuition and Fees - CT Residents
College & Activity Fees
2015-2016 Tuition and Fees - Non-Residents
College & Activity Fees
1.0 150.00 79.00229.00
1.0 450.00227.00 667.00
2.0 300.00 86.00386.00
3.0 450.00 92.00542.00
3.0 1,350.00 266.001,616.00
4.0 600.00 97.00697.00
4.0 1,800.00 281.002,081.00
5.0 750.00113.00 863.00
5.0 2,250.00 329.002,579.00
900.00 129.001,029.00
6.0 2,700.00 377.003,077.00
7.0 1,050.00 144.001,194.00
7.0 3,150.00 422.003,572.00
8.0 1,200.00 159.001,359.00
8.0 3,600.00 467.004,067.00
9.0 1,350.00 175.001,525.00
9.0 4,050.00 515.004,565.00
10.01,500.00 189.00 1,689.00
10.04,500.00 557.00 5,057.00
11.01,650.00 206.00 1,856.00
11.04,950.00 608.00 5,558.00
3,600.00 452.004,052.00
**Excess Credits Tuition Charge (over 12 credits) – an additional flat tuition charge
of $100 per semester
900.00 248.001,148.00
10,800.00 1,316.0012,116.00
**Excess Credits Tuition Charge (over 12 credits) – an additional flat tuition charge
of $100 per semester
Additional Mandatory Usage Fees
Partial Payments
Laboratory Course Fee: $88.00
Students may reserve their classes by paying the registration fees
only. Registration fees serve as a deposit and are non-refundable.
For more information, contact the Business Office, room E103
at (203) 857-7046.
Per registration in a designated laboratory course
Studio Course Fee: $94.00
Per registration in a designated studio course
Clinical Program Fee: $301.00 (per semester)
Level 1 Allied Health Programs (Fall and Spring only)
Clinical Program Fee: $215.00 (per semester)
Level 2 Allied Health Program (Fall and Spring only)
Tuition Payment Plan
Students who enroll for seven credits or more may request a
tuition payment plan. Please visit the Business Office in room
E103 for complete information.
* Tuition and fees are subject to change. All students are required to pay their fees at
the time of registration.
10 www.norwalk.edu
Tuition Refund Policy
If a student decides to withdraw after registering for courses, he
or she must give written Notice of Withdrawal to the Records
Office in order to receive a refund in accordance with the
following schedule (check online for specific dates):
• Final date to receive 100% tuition refund is the day prior to
beginning of semester.
• Final date to drop via web with 100% tuition refund is the
day prior to beginning of semester.
• Final date to receive a 50% tuition refund is determined by
college policy according to the number of weeks in the term.
The 50% tuition refund is through the 14th calendar day
of the full Fall or Spring semester and is pro-rated providing for shorter refund periods for shorter Fall and Spring
terms. Please refer to the college calendar on the NCC
website for the exact refund dates for each term.
Application and registration fees are always non-refundable.
There will be a $25 charge for all returned checks.
Tuition Waivers
Connecticut Senior Citizens 62 and older pay no tuition
fees, with the exception of studio and lab fees, for General Fund
courses on a space available basis to be determined by Senior
Registration Day (check date/time online). Proof of age must be
shown and a Waiver of Tuition and Fees Form completed in the
Business Office to finalize the senior registration process.
A senior citizen may register early by paying for the course;
however, paying for the course negates the senior waiver for that
course. No refund will be issued if the course is dropped, then
re-added on senior registration day.
Connecticut War Veterans and Connecticut
National Guard Members
Connecticut War Veterans and Connecticut National Guard
Members pay fees only (no tuition). Veterans must present Form
DD-214 and complete a Tuition Waiver Form in the Records
Office prior to registration. National Guard Members must have
their certification submitted to the NCC Business Office before
registering for classes. Connecticut veterans who have applied
for the post-9/11 CH33 GI Bill and have submitted a Certificate
of Eligibility to the NCC Records Office (room E102) will pay
their course fees and have their tuition reimbursed for eligible
fees when NCC receives payment from the Federal Government.
Non-resident CH33 veterans will pay tuition and fees and
will be reimbursed when NCC receives payment from the
Federal Government.
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 11
Course Listings, Prerequisites and
Course Listings
For a complete listing of all the courses available at Norwalk
Community College, please go to the NCC website at www.
norwalk.edu and click on “Class Schedule Search.” You will then
be on the Connecticut Community College Course Search page
where you will be able to access real-time information regarding
course availability.
Course Prerequisites
Many college courses have prerequisites that indicate the prior
knowledge and skills students need to succeed in the course.
It is the responsibility of the student to meet these course
prerequisites before enrolling.
To determine whether prerequisites are required for the
course you wish to take, go to the NCC website at www.
norwalk.edu; click on the link “Catalog” and then click on
“Course Descriptions.”
If you have fulfilled the prerequisite at NCC, you can
proceed to online registration. If you have taken the prerequisite
at a different college that has not been added to your NCC
transcript, you will need to request an override to be entered
12 www.norwalk.edu
on your behalf in order to register for the course.
Send an email to the director or chair of the department
for the course you want to take (see back cover). In the email
• Your name
• Your Banner ID
• The semester for which you wish to register
• The course CRN
• The course number and section (example: ACC D113-02)
• The reason why you are requesting the override; attach an
unofficial transcript with the prerequisite listed.
You will receive a reply email within three business days. If the
override has been approved, you will be able to register online.
English Requirements
Students are required to enroll in an appropriate English course
after completing nine credits unless they can demonstrate proficiency in written English. If you fail or withdraw from a required
English course, it must be repeated in your next semester of
Online, Online/Campus Hybrid and
Computer Courses
Students taking online or online/campus hybrid courses for
the first time should plan to attend a scheduled orientation on
the East Campus. For information regarding online/hybrid
orientation dates and times, please contact Lois Aime at
laime@norwalk.edu or (203) 857-7288.
Technical Requirements
In order to take an online/hybrid course, you must have access
to a computer with Internet access that meets the following
• Windows: 7/XP/Vista, if using Internet Explorer 9 or 10,
Firefox 27 or higher, or Google Chrome 32 or higher
• Mac Operating System: OS 10.5.x, or 10.6.x Firefox 3.x
or higher Safari 2.x or higher
• Additional Notes: All browsers require JavaScript, Java,
Popups, Cookies to be enabled and Flash to be enabled.
Online Courses
All communications, assignments, tests, etc. take place on the
Internet using a course management system called Blackboard,
at a time and place that is convenient for you. You DO NOT
have to attend “class” at a specific time on campus. You DO
need to have strong time management and organizational skills.
Online classes are not easier—just more convenient.
Online/Campus Hybrid Courses
These classes can have any number of formats. But, they are all
taught partially in a campus classroom at a required time and
partially online using Blackboard. You may be required to meet
on campus as much as once a week or as little as three times a
semester. This will vary with each course, so be sure to check the
schedule carefully and verify this with your professor on the first
day of class when taking a hybrid course.
Hybrid courses allow you the flexibility of working in an
online environment while still meeting with your instructor and
classmates in a classroom. You continue to have the support that
you receive in a classroom environment, but you do not have
to spend as much time on campus. For those of you who are
working or have family obligations, or perhaps both, this form of
class structure offers you the flexibility you need to go to school
while meeting those obligations.
For more information on taking online and hybrid classes at
NCC, go to http://www.norwalk.edu/dept/distancelearning/
default.asp. This site lists system requirements, various fixes
for technical difficulties, has links to add-ins you might need to
download and other pertinent information.
Computer Courses
Students enrolling in a computer course should check the course
description for equipment and system requirements and restrictions.
Learning Communities at NCC
What are learning communities?
At NCC, learning communities are paired classes where the
same group of students take two or more courses together. The
classes are linked, which means that the teachers have organized
assignments around common themes. The professors work closely
together as a team, providing support for all students. Students
receive credit for each course as well as two separate grades.
What are the benefits of enrolling in a
learning community?
Students who enroll in learning communities benefit from
smaller classes, allowing support from both their teachers and
other students. As a result of the coordination within the learning
community, students are more likely to do well in their linked
classes. In addition, coordinated assignments deepen the learning experience and minimize workload.
Research shows that students enrolled in learning communities
enjoy higher GPAs, stronger motivation, and greater success in
their courses!
How do students register for learning
The class schedule for each semester will have a separate page
listing the learning communities with instructions for registration.
For information, contact The Center for Teaching and
Learning at (203) 857-7291.
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 13
Academic Calendar 2015-2016
Fall 2015 Semester
July 7
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
July 15
Open Advising: 2 to 5 p.m.
July 21
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
July 29
Open Advising: 3 to 6 p.m.
September 7
LABOR DAY - College closed
September 14
Last day for 50% tuition refund
September 28
Last day to change to Audit
October 12 COLUMBUS DAY - Classes held
October 20
Mid-term grades due online by 12 noon
October 26-30
Advising Week for Spring 2015
(by appointment only)
August 5
Open Advising: 3 to 6 p.m.
August 10
Tuition Balance Due
August 11
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
August 12
Open Advising: 3 to 6 p.m.
August 18 Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
August 19 Open Advising: 3 to 6 p.m.
November 6
Application deadline for December
August 24
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
November 11
VETERAN’S DAY - Classes held
August 26
New Student Orientation: 9:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m.
November 16
Last day to withdraw - In-Person: by 5 p.m.;
Online: prior to Midnight
Open Advising: 4 to 7 p.m.
November 25-29 THANKSGIVING RECESS - No classes
August 27
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
November 26
New Student Orientation: 5 to 8 p.m.
August 28
Last day to register for Fall 2014 Semester
Last day for 100% tuition refund
December 8
Reading Day - No classes
August 31
Classes begin
December 11
Last day of classes
Add/Drop Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
and 3 to 6 p.m.
December 12-18 Final Exams week - Follow class meeting
time schedule
September 1
Add/Drop Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
and 3 to 6 p.m.
Last day to add classes (see Policy for Adding Courses below)
September 2
Senior Registration: 9 to 11 a.m.
September 5
College is open and classes held
14 www.norwalk.edu
November 2
Registration begins for Spring Semester
December 22
Final grades due online by 12 noon
December 25
CHRISTMAS DAY - College closed
December 30
Final grades available for student
viewing on myCommNet
Spring 2016 Semester
March 25-27 January 4
Tuition balance due
January 5
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
January 6
Open Advising: 3 to 6 p.m.
January 12
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
January 13
Open Advising: 3 to 6 p.m.
January 18
Open Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
January 20
New Student Orientation: 9:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m.
EASTER HOLIDAY - College closed
March 28-April 1 Student Advising Week
April 1
First day to register for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 semesters
Application deadline for May Graduation
April 18
Last day to withdraw
May 5
Reading Day - No classes
Last day to register
May 9 Last day of classes
Last day for 100% tuition refund
May 10-16
Final Exams week
Open Advising: 3 to 6 p.m.
May 18 Final grades due online by 12 noon
January 21 Classes begin
May 19
Add/Drop Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 to 6 p.m.
May 27 Final grades available for student viewing on myCommNet
January 25 Senior Registration: 9 to 11 a.m.
May 30
MEMORIAL DAY - College closed
Add/Drop Advising: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 to 6 p.m.
Last day to add classes (see Policy for Adding Courses below)
Note: Calendar subject to change based on College needs
and priorities. Check online at www.norwalk.edu for the
most up-to-date Academic Calendars.
February 3 Last day for 50% tuition refund
February 12-15 LINCOLN’S AND WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAYS - College closed
February 22
Last day to change to Audit
Policy for Adding Courses
A student may enroll in a 2 and 3 day a week/14-week course if the
class has not met more than twice.
A student may enroll in a 1 day a week/14-week course if the class has
not met more than once.
March 17
Mid-term grades due online by 12 noon
March 21-27
SPRING RECESS - No classes
A student may enroll in an abbreviated session course if the class has
not met more than once.
A student may enroll in an on-line or hybrid course no later than seven
days after the first day of a 14-week semester and no more than two days
after the first day of an abbreviated semester’s courses have begun.
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 15
NCC Student Email and Online Services
The latest version of the full Office 365 productivity suite,
including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote is now available for offline and online use to best prepare you for class. All
Connecticut Community College students now have access to:
• Office 365 Email: Email account with 25 GB (gigabytes) of
storage, calendaring, contact info, to-do lists, etc.
• Office 365 ProPlus: The Office suite including Word, Excel,
PowerPoint and OneNote which you can install on up to
five devices including Macs, PCs, and tablets with Android,
Windows, and even iPads and iPhones.
• Skype for Business: Instant messaging, online audio and
video calls and meetings, screen sharing, and integration with
Office apps such as Outlook, Word and PowerPoint.
• OneDrive for Business: Store, sync, and share your files
online. As part of Office 365, OneDrive for Business provides
1TB of online storage, lets you update and share your files
from anywhere, and work collaboratively on Office documents with others at the same time.
All college-based communications will be sent to your Office 365
account email address. You can access Office 365 by logging in
directly on the Microsoft Online Portal (see instructions below).
Office 365 can also be accessed within my.commnet.edu (view
tutorial at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQxcuYjxQh8
Here’s how to log in to Office 365:
to http://portal.microsoftonline.com
1. Connect
This step will redirect you to
DO NOT try to shortcut the process by entering the
URL for this login landing page directly; it will not work.
your CCC NETID username
2. Enter
(e.g., 98765432@student.commnet.edu).
Before pressing ENTER or clicking on SIGN IN, make sure that, on a shared or public computer
(ex. kiosk), the checkboxes “Remember me” and/or
“Keep me signed in” are NOT CHECKED.
you click on the Password field, another text box
3. When
appears. Log in.
the link. Depending on a combination of browser
4. Click
settings and whether or not you are logged on to your
college’s desktop, a new pop-up window may come up
asking you for your credentials. If so, enter your CCC
NETID username and password. Click OK.
should now be logged in to Office 365. Your
5. You
Office 365 Display Name will be visible in the upper righthand corner (e.g., the below student’s display name is
Office365-Test, Student).
Need help? Call the Help Desk at (203) 857-6800, email helpdesk@norwalk.edu, or visit www.ctregents.org/365.
16 www.norwalk.edu
Application for Admission
Please Check One: q New Student q Readmit Student*
If you have never attended Norwalk Community College and wish to enroll in a Degree, Certificate or non-degree program, please follow
items 1-6 below.
1. Complete all pages of this application and attach a copy of the completed immunization form and high school diploma or transcripts.
2. Return this completed form and a non-refundable $20.00 application fee to: Norwalk Community College, Business Office,
Room 103, East Campus, 188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854-1655. Please make checks payable to: NCC. Other methods
of payment are: cash, money order, MasterCard, Visa or Discover. The application fee is waived if you have previously applied to
another Connecticut Community College. An acceptance letter with your Student I.D. number will be sent to you via email.
3. Use your NCC ID Number to schedule a placement test. From NCC’s webpage, www.norwalk.edu, scroll over Admissions and
click “Schedule a Placement Test.” All new students are required to take a Placement Test prior to enrolling at NCC.
(a) You have completed college-level English and/or college-level mathematics; OR
(b) Your SAT or ACT scores meet certain minimums. Check the Placement Test page of the NCC website for exemptions.
4.If you are applying to a degree or certificate program or applying for financial aid, you must have proof of high school graduation
or GED results sent to the Admissions Office.
5. All degree/certificate seeking and full-time students born after 1956 must submit proof of immunizations including two doses each of measles, mumps, rubella and varicella.
6. Contact the Counseling Center at (203) 857-7033 for advising information or if seeking advanced standing based upon credit
transferred from other colleges, CLEP examination credit or experiential learning credit. Official transcripts from other colleges
should be sent to the Admissions Office. If you wish to have prior college credits transferred, request a “Transcript Evaluation
Request” form and submit it to the NCC Counseling Center.
* R E A D M I T
Former NCC students who have not registered for two or more consecutive years must apply for re-admission. There is no application fee for
readmit students. Please follow items 1-5 if you wish to enroll in a degree/certificate program or as a non-degree student.
If you are readmitting under a different name, you must submit a legal document (such as a marriage certificate) of the new name.
1. Complete all pages of this application. Attach immunization information if necessary.*
2. Return completed application to Norwalk Community College, Admissions Office, Room 106, East Campus, 188 Richards Avenue,
Norwalk, CT 06854-1655.
3.If you will be pursuing a degree or certificate, have proof of high school graduation or GED results sent to the Records Office
unless previously submitted.
4. Contact the Counseling Center at (203) 857-7033 to schedule an advising appointment or to transfer in credits.
5.The Fresh Start Option gives the readmitting student who has a GPA below 2.0 an opportunity to start again without the burden
of a poor academic history. Contact the Records Office for more information.
*Upon re-admission, students will be subject to the curriculum requirements and immunization laws in existence at the time of their re-admission.
For service or information regarding disabilities please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services at (203) 857-7192. If you are unable to
utilize a staircase please visit the Disability Services webpage on the NCC website to plan for Emergency Evacuations.
Norwalk Community College • 188 Richards Avenue • Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 857-7060 • admissions@norwalk.edu
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 17
For Office use only
Norwalk Community College
Date ________________________
Received __________________ Entered _____________________
188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 857-7060
Entered by ______________________________________________
Admit Type _________________ Student Type _________________
Ability to Benefit met
Yes ___ No ___
Application Fee paid
Yes ___ No ___
Cash ____ Check# __________Waived _____________________
Credit Card _________________ Deferred ____________________
Applicant’s Legal Name ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________
Former Last Name(s) _______________________________
________ - ______ - ________
Social Security Number* Middle
______ /______ /______ Gender: M / F
Date of Birth
(Circle one)
*Social Security Number is requested for purposes of financial aid, federal income tax benefits, the provision of some College services, accuracy of student
records and other business purposes.
Mailing Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________
(if different)
Telephone ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Email* ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
*Used for correspondence from the College
Have you ever attended this college? c Yes c No
Have you previously attended a CT Community College? c Yes c No If yes, where? ___________________________________________
For which semester are you applying? c Fall (Sept-Dec)c Winter (Dec-Jan) c Spring (Jan-May) c Summer (Jun-July) Year ____________
Are you a United States citizen? c Yes c No
If no, are you a Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)? c Yes c No
Please provide the following ethnicity and race data. This information is requested on a voluntary basis by the U.S. Department of Education,
National Center for Education Statistics. Your answer will not affect admission to or registration in the college.
Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic/Latino? c Yes c No
What is your race? Select one or more:
c White (10)
c Black or African American (20) c Asian (45) c American Indian or Alaskan Native (50)
c Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (80) c Other (90)
Do either of your parents hold a Bachelor’s Degree (4-year college degree) or higher? c Yes c No
Are you currently on active duty with the U.S. armed forces? Are you currently a member of the National Guard or Reserve? Have you ever served in the U.S. Armed forces? Are you a dependent of a member of the U.S. armed forces? c
(VET 1)
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be entitled to benefits and should meet with the College’s Veterans Certifying Official (VCO).
1. I am eligible for in-state tuition because I have continuously resided in Connecticut for at least one year and Connecticut is my permanent
home. c Yes c No
2. Even though I answered “No” to the question above, I claim and can demonstrate through documentation that I am eligible for in-state tuition.
c Yes c No
Out of state students may be eligible for a reduced tuition rate through the NEBHE program. For details, see the college catalog or website.
3. c Check here if applying under the New England Regional Student program (NEBHE).
If you answered “Yes” to question #2 or checked question #3, you must submit a “Declaration of Eligibility for In-State or NEBHE
Tuition” for review and determination of eligibility.
18 www.norwalk.edu
c c c c
In which Degree/Certificate program are you planning to enroll?
Write in major code. Use list of majors/codes on back of application.
You must declare a major if applying for financial aid. You must be in immunization compliance to be accepted into your chosen major.
No High School Diploma or GED (01) c
Undergraduate Certificate (05) c
Master’s Degree (09) First Professional Degree (JD, MD, DDS, LLB) (12) c
High School Diploma or GED (02) Associate Degree (07) Other Advanced Degree (10) Sixth Year Certificate (13)
c Some College (06)
c Bachelor’s Degree (08)
c Doctoral Degree (11)
Certificate (credit) (CT) Associate Degree (DG) Developmental (College Preparation) Education
Fulfill other college’s requirements (AC) Transfer with an Associate Degree (DT) c Transfer without an Associate Degree (DN) c Improve English Skills/Proficiency (ES)
c Job Preparation/Retraining Course (JB) c Unsure at this time (UN)
c Other Goal (NL)
c Job Promotion (JP) c Personal Development Courses(s) (PD) ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
Do you have a High School Diploma? c Yes c No c Pending Graduation Year _________
Name of High School _______________________________________ Town ________________________ State _____ Country _________________
Do you have a General Equivalency diploma (GED)? c Yes c No Year _________ GED Number _________ Town/State _____________________
Do you have an Adult High School Diploma? c Yes c No Graduation Year _________ Town/State ________________________________________
Have you participated in the High School Partnership Program through the CT Community Colleges? c Yes c No
Have you participated in the College Career Pathways/Tech Prep Program through the CT Community Colleges? c Yes c No
College/University Name
Dates of Attendance
Graduation Date
Degree Awarded
Are you an international Student who needs an I-20 form for an F1 Visa? c Yes c No
Other Visa Holder (indicate type) ______________________________________ Visa Admission Number ______________________________________
Visa Start Date ___________________________________________________ Visa End Date _____________________________________________
International Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
c Employed Full Time c Employed Part Time c Unemployed
Name of Employer _______________________________________ Address of Employer _________________________________________________
Title/Position __________________________ Does your Employer have a Tuition Reimbursement Program? c Yes c No
I request the College forward to me at the e-mail address I have provided all correspondence, including personally identifiable information pertaining to
me from College records that are protected by FERPA.
Signature _____________________________________________________________________
Date ______________________________________
I understand that to maintain accurate student records, including the records pertaining to my attendance at the College, and for other necessary business
purposes, the College may need to release or provide access to personally identifiable information in its records pertaining to me to another College
in the Community College System or the System’s administrative office. Accordingly, I hereby authorize the College to release or allow access to such
information to those indicated for the purposed described.
Signature _____________________________________________________________________
Date ______________________________________
I certify with my signature below that I am the applicant and that the information I have provided above is accurate. If admitted, I pledge to
comply in good faith with all the rules and regulations of the College. I realize that any misleading information provided by me on this
application may be cause for dismissal. I understand that information collected in this application is for reporting purposes only and will not
be used in the selection process for admission.
Student Signature _______________________________________________________________
Date ______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature (if under 18) _____________________________________________
Date ______________________________________
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 19
Major Codes
Please use the appropriate code below to designate your choice of major on preceding page of this application.
Use Major Code: DZ99 if you are not pursuing a degree or certificate at this time. Use Major Code: DA01 if you are in the High School Partnership program.
Associate Degree Programs
Major Major Code
Allied Health
Medical Office Management - Administrative*
Medical Office Management - Clinical*DA11
Nursing* DF30
Physical Therapist Assistant*
Respiratory Care* DB77
Art, Architecture & Design
Architectural Engineering Technology Construction Technology Design for the Web Fine Arts Graphic Design Interior Design Studio Art DA22
Accounting - Career Accounting - Transfer Business Administration - Transfer Hotel/Motel Management Insurance & Financial Services Legal Assistant* Management - Career Management - Marketing Restaurant/Food Service Management DA07
Communication Arts
Journalism Media Studies Film & Television Production DB89
Major Major Code
Computer Science
Computer Science Computer Security DA12
Education and Social Science
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education - Career DB11
Early Childhood Education - Transfer DB12
Exercise Science DB93
Human Services - Career DB35
Human Services - Transfer DB36
Engineering Science Technological Studies
General Studies DB31
Honors Program* DB33
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Concentrations
Foreign Language Global Studies
Liberal Arts Transfer Mathematics & Science Psychology Teaching Career Pathway Women’s Studies DB07
Veterinary TechnologyDA06
Certificate Programs
Major Allied Health
Health Careers Pathways** Medical Assistant* Medical Office Specialist
Major Code
Art, Architecture & Design
Graphic Design# DJ83
Accounting # Culinary Arts Legal Assistant* # DJ05
Communication Arts
Digital Journalism
Film & Television Production DJ07
Major Computer Science
Networking Relational Database Smartphone App Development
Web Developer
Early Childhood Education
Administrative Option Child Development Associate Credential Education Option DJ50
English as a Second Language DJ81
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Archaeology Gerontology Group Exercise Instructor
Mental Health DJ20
* Denotes Selective Admissions Program with limited enrollment. Consult the college catalog for specific admission requirements and deadlines.
** Can only be added as a second major, first major must be General Studies.
# Open only to students who have an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.
20 www.norwalk.edu
Major Code
Declaration of Eligibility for In-State or NEBHE Tuition Rate
Name of Applicant: ___________________________________ ID@____________________
I am eligible for in-state tuition rate based on one or more of the following (Insert initials
in the appropriate spaces):
1. ____ I can demonstrate that Connecticut is my permanent home even though I have resided
in the State for less than one year.
2. ____ I am the spouse of a person who is eligible for in-state tuition.
3. ____ I am under eighteen years of age, am dependent on my parents and my parent is
eligible for in-state tuition.
4. ____ I am a member of the armed forces stationed in Connecticut on military orders.
5. ____ I am under eighteen years of age, dependent on my parents and my parent is a
member of the armed forces stationed in Connecticut.
6. ____ I am under eighteen years of age, dependent on my parents and have been
continuously in attendance at a school or schools in Connecticut in a degree program in which I
am currently enrolled, without yet attaining a degree. During this period, my parent, a member
of the armed forces, was stationed in Connecticut but he/she has now been transferred on
military orders.
7. ____ My spouse or parent, upon whom I am dependent, has moved to the State and
resided here for at least six consecutive months, is employed full-time and has established
Connecticut as his/her permanent home.
8. ____ I am under eighteen years of age, dependent on my parents and have been
continuously in attendance at a school or schools in Connecticut in a degree program in which I
am currently enrolled, without yet attaining a degree. My parents had established Connecticut
as their permanent home but they have now left the State.
9. ____ I am a student from another state, territory or possession of the United States, the
District of Columbia or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico who has (a) attended for three years
and graduated from a Connecticut high school, and (b) was sponsored, housed and supported
during attendance at such school by a program, such as the "A Better Chance" program,
established as a nonprofit organization that raises charitable funds on the local level for the
purpose of giving students who are minority students, from single parent homes or live in
poverty, an opportunity to attend school in a different environment. (For purposes of this
subdivision, "minority student" means a student whose racial ancestry is defined as other than
white by the Bureau of Census of the United States Department of Commerce.)
10. ____ I can demonstrate that Connecticut is my permanent home even though I am not a
citizen of the United States.
11. ____ Public Act 11- 43 - I reside in the state of Connecticut; do not have a visa permitting
temporary entrance into the U.S. for a specific purpose; have completed at least four years of
high school in Connecticut; have graduated from a high school in Connecticut, or the equivalent;
and have applied or will be applying to legalize my immigration status as soon as I am eligible to
do so.
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 21
I qualify for the NEBHE tuition rate because I am a non-Connecticut resident enrolled in a
degree program at a Connecticut Community College and (check at least one):
1. ____ My travel time to ___________ Community College is less than it would be if I were
attending a similar in-state institution.
2. ____ My chosen degree program (____________) does not exist in my home state.
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, I am eligible for in-state tuition or NEBHE
tuition as indicated above. However, I understand that I will be considered to be out-of-state
until I provide sufficient evidence to support my eligibility for in-state tuition.
I understand that if I have misrepresented my eligibility for in-state tuition, I may be subject to
sanctions under the Student Conduct Policy of the Board of Trustees and my admission to the
Connecticut Community Colleges may be revoked. In addition, I will be obligated to reimburse
the College for the difference between the in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition rate for the
period during which I paid the in-state tuition rate to which I was not entitled.
I acknowledge and understand that in order to recover any monies that I owe on account of my
payment of the in-state tuition rate to which I was not entitled, the College may pursue all lawful
means available to it, including but not limited to the application of any monies held by the
College to the amount that I owe for tuition and fees, which I hereby authorize; withholding
transcripts until all amounts owed are paid; and any available civil and/or criminal remedies.
Applicant Signature
Date: ______________________
Printed Applicant Name
Based upon the foregoing declaration of the applicant and the review of the following
documents, the applicant has been determined to be eligible for in-state tuition:
Documents reviewed:
Signature of Approving College Employee
Printed Name of Approving College Employee
22 www.norwalk.edu
Date: ______________________
State Immunization Policy
Community College
BANNER ID# _________________________
If unknown, leave blank
188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854 • (203) 857-7060
Students must comply and return this completed document to the Admissions Office priOr to registration.
If you were born after December 31, 1956, Connecticut State Law requires that all full-time (degree seeking
and nondegree/non-matriculating) and part-time matriculating students enrolled in postsecondary schools be
adequately protected against measles, mumps and rubella. In addition, beginning on August 1, 2010 all full-time
and matriculating students, except those born in the continental United States prior to January 1, 1980, must
provide proof of immunization against varicella (chicken pox). Students must have two (2) doses of each vaccine
administered at least one (1) month apart to insure adequate immunization.
if you are not exempt, please complete one of the options below and attach the necessary documentation.
Name of Student ____________________________________________________
SS# ________-_______-________ Date of Birth _____/_____/_____
Address ____________________________________________________ ______________________________________ __________ _____________
This section must be completed by either a physician or someone
operating under the direction of a physician (ex. School nurse,
physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner).
Test results (Titer) for lab evidence must be attached to this form
or document that you have already had the disease(s). If you
cannot document a confirmed case of the disease(s), then you
must submit immunity results from a medical laboratory.
Date of test
Result of
Date of
(Born after 1/1/1980)
OptION 1 & 2: this must be completed by your physician. I hereby certify that this
student has received the immunization(s) or has laboratory evidence of immunity
as indicated.
Signature of physician or authorized person
OptION 3 & 4: Medical or Religious exemptions on the reverse side
Note: For medical or religious exemptions, please contact the Admissions Office.
Physician’s stamp or
DEA number
2015-2016 Enrollment Guide 23
Extended Studies and Workforce
If you are a motivated individual looking to upgrade your job
skills or learn new skills, then look no further than the Extended
Studies and Workforce Education Division of Norwalk Community
College. We offer quality, non-credit courses at affordable prices.
Central Sterile Processing Technician
Certified Nurses Aide (CNA)
Dental Assistant Certificate
Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician Certificate
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Homemaker Companion
Medical Billing & Reimbursement Specialist Certificate
Phlebotomy Technician Specialist Certificate
Patient Care Technician Certificate
Pharmacy Technician Training
Physical Therapy Aide Certificate
Veterinary Assistant Certificate
Career Management
Entrepreneurial Studies
National Bookkeeping Certificate
Nonprofit Management Certificate
Physical Security Studies Certificate
24 www.norwalk.edu
Real Estate Licensing
Security Officer Certification
Small Business
Social Media
Travel Careers Certificate
Information Technology
A+ Computer Repair Certification Preparation
Business Software Applications Certificate
CompTIA Network+ Certification
Computer Graphics Certificate - Macintosh
Computer Programming Certificate
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Preparation
Web Design Certificate
Web Mastering Certificate
Sustainable Building & Energy Programs
BPI Building Science Principles Certification
LEED Green Associate Certification Prep Course
BPI Building Analyst & Envelope Professional Certification
Courses in the Building Efficiency & Sustainable Technology
(BEST) Program
For further information regarding our course offerings, please view our
website www.norwalk.edu/dept/extstudies.
Getting to the NCC Campus
By Car
Area Map (not to scale)
I-95 Connecticut Turnpike (Northbound or Southbound)
Exit 13. Right at end of exit ramp onto US 1/Connecticut
Avenue. Left at traffic light onto Richards Avenue (Shell station
on left). North on Richards Avenue 1/2 mile to campus. East
Campus on right, West Campus on left.
Merritt Parkway (Southbound)
Exit 38. Right at end of the exit ramp onto Route 123 South.
First right after going under Merritt Parkway over­pass onto
Nursery Street. First left onto Ponus Avenue. Bear right at fork
onto Fox Run Road. Proceed through light and bear right around
Fox Run School. Take left at stop sign onto Richards Avenue.
Proceed on Richards Avenue for one mile to NCC. East Campus
on left, West Campus on right.
Merritt Parkway (Northbound)
Exit 38. Right at end of exit ramp onto Route 123 North. First
left onto Nursery Street. Continue as above.
By Train
New Haven Line
Take the New Haven Line and get off at South Norwalk station.
Transfer to a #11 bus, which goes directly to the NCC campus.
By Bus
Norwalk Wheels Routes 11, 13 and NCC Shuttle
Buses stop in front of the East Campus at 188 Richards Avenue.
Morning and evening shuttle buses run between South Norwalk
train station and the campus. See www.norwalktransit.com
for schedules.
Connecticut Transit from Stamford
Some buses stop in front of the West Campus at 188 Richards
Avenue. See www.cttransit.com for schedules.
Norwalk Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, sex, national origin, marital status, ancestry, present or past
history of mental disorder, learning disability or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression or genetic information in its programs
and activities. In addition, the College does not discriminate in employment on the basis of veteran status or criminal record. The following persons have been
designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Chief Diversity Officer and Special Advisor, Cheryl DeVonish, Title IX Coordinator
at (203) 857-7016 or cdevonish@norwalk.edu; or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator Fran Apfel at (203) 857-7192 or fapfel@norwalk.edu.
Norwalk Community College
188 Richards Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854-1655
(203) 857-7000
Important Contact Information
Department Chairs
Main Number.......................................................... (203) 857-7000
Admissions Main Number.................................. (203) 857-7060
Bookstore................................................................. (203) 857-7239
Business Office....................................................... (203) 857-7046
Career Center.......................................................... (203) 857-6947
Center for Information Technology................ (203) 857-6836
Child Development Laboratory School......... (203) 857-7116
Counseling Center................................................ (203) 857-7033
Extended Studies (Non-Credit)........................ (203) 857-7080
Financial Aid............................................................ (203) 857-7023
High School Partnership..................................... (203) 857-7090
John Alvord
Art, Architecture and Design...........(203) 857-6890 jalvord@norwalk.edu
Michele Barber
Science...........................................(203) 857-7275 mbarber@norwalk.edu
Cindy Casper
English...........................................(203) 857-3328 ccasper@norwalk.edu
Tom Duffy
Computer Science...........................(203) 857-6892 tduffy@norwalk.edu
Steven Glazer
Social/Behavioral Sciences...............(203) 857-3326 sglazer@norwalk.edu
Tom Jackson
Business..........................................(203) 857-7152 tjackson@norwalk.edu
Elizabeth Glatt
Mathematics..................................(203) 857-7292 eglatt@norwalk.edu
International Student Office.............................. (203) 857-7289
Susan Seidell
Humanities....................................(203) 857-7102 sseidell@norwalk.edu
Library....................................................................... (203) 857-7200
Judy Mocciola
Nursing..........................................(203) 857-7393 jmocciola@norwalk.edu
Placement Testing................................................. (203) 857-7060
Records Office (Credit)......................................... (203) 857-7035
(Non-Credit)......................................... (203) 857-7237
Services for Students with Disabilities........... (203) 857-7192
Division Directors
Elaine DelVecchio
Academic Enrichment and
First-Year Experience Division.........(203) 857-7258 edelvecchio@norwalk.edu
Servicios Para Los Estudiantes Hispanos...... (203) 857-7015
Craig Machado
English as a Second Language.........(203) 857-7176 cmachado@norwalk.edu
Student Activities.................................................. (203) 857-7251
Student Employment Center............................ (203) 857-7032
Kathleen Fries
Nursing/Allied Health.....................(203) 857-7105 kfries@norwalk.edu
Student Success Center...................................... (203) 857-7234
Student Support Services Program................ (203) 857-7191
Office of the Dean of Students.........(203) 857-7325
Tutoring Center...................................................... (203) 857-7205
Vanessa Morest
Interim Dean of Academic Affairs...(203) 857-3368 vmorest@norwalk.edu
Veterans’ Information........................................... (203) 857-7006
Wellness Center...................................................... (203) 857-7193
Writing Center........................................................ (203) 857-3374
Rose Ellis
Dean of Administration..................(203) 857-7202 rellis@norwalk.edu
Vanessa Morest
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness...(203) 857-3368 vmorest@norwalk.edu