Charles William Nichols Jr

Charles William Nichols Jr. passed away July 18, 2003, due to complications
from cancer. At Dartmouth, Bill was a philosophy-religion major and manager
of the crew. According to his roommate, Jon Seely '57, "Bill had a magnetic
charm. He was entertaining, articulate, and possessor of a caustic wit."
Bill had a diverse range of interests. After a long career in industrial sales
with several national and international companies, he pursued a personal love
of saltwater and tropical fish by establishing the Karl Pet Company in
Stamford, later expanding to branches in Norwalk and Greenwich.
Bill led a reform group of concerned citizens in East Norwalk during the 1990s,
which successfully challenged abuses and mismanagement in the Third
Taxing District Electrical Department, resulting in an overhaul of the
department and the dismantling of a regime that had controlled the district for
more than 80 years.
He was an avid model railroad collector and a member of several model
railroad associations. He was also an enthusiastic Lincoln automobile owner
and a member of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club, and he could
often be seen driving his 1966 white Lincoln Continental convertible in local
parades. In addition he was a member of Shore and Country Club. He was
survived by his wife Carol, a brother, and several nieces and nephews.