The Scottsboro Boys
Victoria Price
21 years old
“job hunting” or
transporting a teen for
prostitution across state
lines (accounts differ
accused the 9 boys of gang
raping her and Ruby
Ruby Bates
9 months after the first
trial she recanted her
She spent most of the rest
of her life trying to free
the men she had helped
Judge William Callahan
Railroaded all nine boys
through their trials
Made it obvious he
thought the boys were
guilty and he would see
that the juries gave guilty
Judge James E. Horton
Overturned Haywood
Patterson’s guilty verdict
and death penalty based
on poor medical evidence
He discovered there was
no proof either woman
was raped
He initially assumed the
boys were guilty, but
actually listened during the
Roy Wright
12 years old at the time of
the trial
not guilty due to mistrail
Eugene Williams
guilty verdict overturned
by the Supreme Court
because at the age of 13
“he should not have been
tried as an adult”
the same Supreme Court
upheld the other seven
convictions and death
Samuel Leibowitz
New defense attorney
Eventually got reduced
sentences and freedom for
four of the boys
Left: The boys under the protection of the National guard.
Top Right: Four of the freed boys. Bottom
Right: The first, incompetent defense team.