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With unmatched expertise in scrap metal recycling and waste management,
Joseph & Company has long recognized the value in what we throw away.
Founded in 1880 and headquartered in Kitchener, the family-run company is
represented by three generations boasting over 90 years’ experience between them.
Recreating the company with every generation is the key to longevity. “Anyone with a
pick-up truck can be in the hauling business,” says General Manager Amichai Tsarfati.
“People bring scrap to where they’re best treated with fair and honest dealings.”
Finding the right home for recycled material is the business of Joseph & Company.
“Although it may look like garbage, everything we handle is raw material to someone
down the line,” says Tsarfati, “It brings credence to the saying ‘one man’s trash is another
man’s treasure.’”
Under the guidance of Joseph & Company, clients maximize their recycling capacity
through scrap metal credits and minimize costs through waste diversion plans. Offering
consultation on waste removal and material flow strategies, Joseph & Company,
ensures customers lower their disposal (tipping) costs, align their waste stream, and
reduce their environmental impact. “By dealing directly with consumers, we get the best
value for our customers, no matter what we’re moving,” says Tsarfati.
Joseph & Company ’s trio of partners consists of Tsarfati, his father David, who serves
as Vice-President, and Cousin, Max Norris at the helm as President. Tsarfati grew up
around the yards, learning the ‘old ways’ and taking metal apart with sledge hammers
and gas saws. Today’s industry has matured and is far removed from the stereotypical
image of a “one-eyed guard dog roaming the junkyard,” says Tsarfati.
Innovation is occurring as awareness of waste management and integration expands.
“Every generation has brought in new ideas,” says Tsarfati. “Recycling today embraces an
international market. Without a global outlook, you will not make it to the next generation.”
Responsive to prospects overseas, the company enjoys an international reach with
shipments to worldwide markets. “Our scrap metal market is bigger than Hamilton steel
mills,” says Tsarfati. “Our scrap today travels 1,000 kilometers’ and beyond.”
Joseph & Company is geared towards the future. A nomination by peers for the 2014
Environment and Sustainability award through the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of
Commerce is indicative of their commitment to the community. “Anybody can be a
scrapper, “says Tsarfati, “but not everybody can be Joseph & Company. At the end of
the day, what we do and how we operate in our sphere makes a difference.”
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