Chemistry Foul Water Lab Procedure:

Foul Water Lab
Purpose: To purify water using filtration.
1. Obtain 100 ml of foul water. Record observations.
2. Use a plastic spoon to remove as much oil as possible. Place the oil on a paper
towel. Dispose of it in the trash. Record observations before you continue to
the next step.
3. Set up a filtration using the following diagram:
4. Add the foul water to the filter. Allow the water to trickle through. Record
5. Add ½ tsp of activated charcoal to the filtered water. Stir. Filter the water
through a paper filter and funnel apparatus. Record observations.
6. Test the purity of the water using electrical conduction. Record.
Data: Create a data chart for the observations.
Questions: Write the answers in complete sentences in your lab notebook. Some answers may
require a paragraph.
1. What types of impurities can be removed using filtration?
2. What types of impurities cannot be removed using filtration?
3. Calculate your percent yield.
4. Compare this filtration with a Britta water filter. Be sure to credit the sources of
your information.