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Albéa’s innovative new Dolce
Vita™ mascara brush seduces
France’s Bourjois
Gennevilliers France, March 2014 - Bourjois, the
France-based make-up maker renowned for its
innovation and ability to launch many exciting products
each year, selected Albéa’s injected plastic Dolce
Vita™ mascara brush and pack solution to help
differentiate its latest product, Beauty’Full Volume Dark
The key to this latest project between Albéa and Bourjois was the supplier’s
ability to deliver an exceptional set of brush characteristics that perfectly match
the requirements of this particular product. Dolce Vita™, the newest member of
Albéa’s hollow family, is designed to act like a formula reservoir. It delivers up to
ten times the lash volume, from roots to tips, thanks to its doubly-curved,
hourglass, brush shape, and provides exceptional curling power, with staggered
rows of bristles that tease lashes and push them up.
These numerous rows of bristles offer a uniform, clump-free result. Top bristles define and comb
the lashes, especially at the eye corners, for a high-definition, extra-intensity, look. The pack’s
bottle is a reference from Albéa’s stock offerings.
Dolce Vita™, designed by Albéa I&D in Gennevilliers and crafted of Hytrel, is an example of how
carefully selected and customized stock products can cost-effectively deliver exceptional product
differentiation and consumer appeal.
This combination of performance attributes proved a compelling match for the Bourjois team, which
sought a beautiful applicator-and-mascara pack solution that would be a consumer “must-have.”
Albéa is a recognized leader in mascara innovation and production and the choice of international
power brands and regional independents as well. As industry leader, the company continues to
invest in its mascara capabilities.
Dolce Vita™ was crafted in Albéa’s Verderio, Italy facility, which offers customers around the world
more than 60 stock bottles and 130 brushes. The company’s newest facility, in Bottanuco, will
become home to a dedicated brush development section, as well as a comprehensive brush library
with both fiber and plastic brushes. It will become Albéa’s new Center of Excellence for mascaras,
packs and applicators.
This continued investment in mascara design benefits both entrepreneurial independent brands
and multinationals, and is further evidence of the company’s enhanced configuration, which
delivers greater levels of supply chain efficiency than ever before.
Bourjois, founded in 1863, is an independently owned, French cosmetics company. From its start
as a maker of theatrical, stage make-up more than 150 years ago, today the company offers a
wide variety of innovative make-up products, fragrances and gift sets.
About Albéa:
Albéa offers the world’s largest range of beauty and personal care packaging - with leadership
positions in plastic & laminate tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, samplers and foam pumps; and
recognized expertise in fragrance & skincare dispensing pumps, fragrance & lotion caps,
compacts, lipgloss, promotional items and accessories.
Our 16,600 people serve large and small customers in 60 countries across the world, and operate
38 facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Albéa’s global sales totaled US$1.5 billion in 2013.
Albéa’s committed teams provide local presence and global reach; robust capabilities in innovation
& design as well as project management; solid operating excellence; world-class manufacturing,
decoration and full-service; as well as a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
Albéa is proud to have been contributing to our customers’ success for more than 20 years.
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