The Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies
1. Which of the 13 Original Colonies
make up the Middle Colonies?
• New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware are
all middle colonies
• The middle colonies were very diverse and were
settled originally by different nations and
individuals then later taken over by the English
• The middle colonies were settled for many
different reasons
• religion and economic advancement played a role
in the settling of the Middle Colonies
Blue = New England
Yellow = Middle
Purple = Southern
2. What is Diversity?
•Many different types of people
living in an area
•A variety
3. What country were the first settlers
of New York from? What was the
original name of New York? What
was the original name of New York
• The Dutch, from the country of Holland
• New York was called New Netherlands
• New York City was called New Amsterdam
4. What was the name of the private
company that settled New York?
What was the main goal of this
• The company that originally settled
the area of New York was called the
Dutch West India Company
• They were more interested in trading
with the Native Americans in New
Netherland, rather than conquering
• This allowed the Dutch to become
very successful
5. Describe how the British took over
the area that would become New
York City.
• King Charles declared that the area the
Dutch had settled belong to his brother
the Duke of York
• He sent naval ships to New Amsterdam to
move the Dutch off their land
• The Dutch did not have the supplies to
fight so they surrendered.
6. What is a Proprietary Colony?
•A Proprietary Colony is a charter
granted by a king or queen to a
person or a group of people who
have sole governing rights
7. Who was the founder of Pennsylvania?
What does “Pennsylvania” mean?
• William Penn was the founder of
• He wanted the settlers of Pennsylvania
to practice religious tolerance
• Pennsylvania literally
means “Penn’s Woods”
William Penn
8. Who were the Quakers?
What was their main belief about
• A members of a Protestant group
that focused on equality
• They believed firmly that all people
should be treated equal in church,
government, and society
9. What is a haven?
• A haven is a safe place
10. What country did the
“Pennsylvania Dutch” come from?
•The “Pennsylvania Dutch” came from Germany
•There was a misunderstanding when people asked
them what their background was they replied
“Deutsch” which sounded like Dutch
11. What colony was Delaware
originally a part of?
• Delaware was a part of Pennsylvania