ARTstor User Support Liaisons

ARTstor User Support Liaisons
University of California
Last revised: June 2009
The role of the ARTstor support liaison is to assist end-users with ARTstor (e.g., relay
ARTstor news, grant instructor-level privileges) and to relay technical news (e.g.,
software upgrades) to campus computing/instructional technology.
Technical contact for all campuses is CDL ([email protected]).
Jayne Dickson (primary)
Information Services Analyst
Phone: 510-987-0550
[email protected]
Kathryn Wayne
Fine Arts/Classics Librarian
Phone: 510-643-2809
[email protected]
Also listed: Don Lee (Electronic Resource Coordinator)
Dan Goldstein (primary)
Humanities/Social Sciences Bibliographer
Shields Library
Phone: 530-752-2040
[email protected]
Leah Theis (secondary)
Visual Resources Library Manager
Art & Art History Departments
Phone: 530-752-3138
[email protected]
Virginia Allison
Research Librarian for Visual Arts
Langson Library
Phone: 949-824-0360
[email protected]
The "artstor-uci" email alias will go to UCI's ARTstor user support group:
Virginia Allison, Visual Arts Research Librarian, [email protected]
Loy Zimmerman, Visual Resources Collection (Arts), [email protected]
Jose Perez, Multimedia Resources Center, Langson Library, [email protected]
Jeff Schneidewind, Interactive Learning Center, Science Library, [email protected]
Jorge Santiago, Information Technology Center, Grunigen Medical Library,
[email protected]
Lorelei Tanji, AUL for Collections, [email protected]
Los Angeles
Janine Henri
Architecture, Design and Digital Services Librarian
Phone: 310-206-4587
[email protected]
Susan Mikkelsen (primary)
Resource Access & Instruction Librarian
Phone: 209-228-4615
smi[email protected]
Emily S. Lin (secondary)
Head, Digital Assets
Phone: 209-658-7146
[email protected]
Krista Ivy (user registration email contact)
Reference/Instruction Librarian
Rivera Library
Phone: 951-827-2642
[email protected]
Madelyn Millen (instructor privileges message contact)
Curator, Visual Resources Collection
History of Art Department
Phone: 951-827-2697
[email protected]
Support listserv: Krista, Madelyn plus 3 others in VR. Madelyn supports all Art and
Art History users and Krista supports all those outside of the Art and Art History
San Diego
Vickie O’Riordan
Visual Resources Curator & Public Services Manager
Arts Library
Phone: 858 822-0208
[email protected]
Santa Barbara
Jackie Spafford (main support contact)
Visual Resources Curator
History of Art & Architecture
Phone: 805-893-2509
[email protected]
George Michaels
Executive Director
Instructional Development
Phone: 805-893-2378
[email protected]
Susan Moon
Head, Arts Library
Phone: 805-893-3613
[email protected]
Santa Cruz
Christine Bunting (listed as contact within user registration confirmation emails)
Head, Special Collections and Archives
University Library
Phone: 831-459-4425
[email protected]
Kathleen Hardin (listed as contact in ARTstor for obtaining instructor privileges)
Head of Visual Resources Collection, Library
VRC, McHenry Library
Phone: 831-459-2791
[email protected]