ARTstor User Support Liaisons


ARTstor User Support Liaisons

University of California

Last revised: April 2012

The role of the ARTstor support liaison is to assist end-users with ARTstor (e.g., relay

ARTstor news, grant instructor-level privileges) and to relay technical news (e.g., software upgrades) to campus computing/instructional technology.

Technical contact for all campuses is CDL ( [email protected]



Jayne Dickson (primary)

Information Services Analyst

Phone: 510-987-0550 [email protected]


Kathryn Wayne

Fine Arts/Classics Librarian

Phone: 510-643-2809 [email protected]

Also listed: Don Lee (Electronic Resource Coordinator)


Dan Goldstein (primary)

Humanities/Social Sciences Bibliographer

Shields Library

Phone: 530-752-2040 [email protected]

Leah Theis (secondary)

Visual Resources Library Manager

Art & Art History Departments

Phone: 530-752-3138 [email protected]


Jeff Schneidewind

Emerging Technologies Research Specialist

Science Library

Phone: (949) 824-7099 [email protected]

[email protected]

The "artstor-uci" email alias will go to UCI's ARTstor user support group:

Cynthia Johnson, Head of Reference and Acting Head of the Grunigen Medical

Library, [email protected]

Jose Perez, Multimedia Resources Center, Langson Library, [email protected]

Jeff Schneidewind, Interactive Learning Center, Science Library, [email protected]

Jorge Santiago, Information Technology Center, Grunigen Medical Library, [email protected]

Lorelei Tanji, AUL for Collections, [email protected]

Los Angeles

Janine Henri

Architecture, Design and Digital Services Librarian

Phone: 310-206-4587 [email protected]


Susan Mikkelsen (primary)

Resource Access & Instruction Librarian


Phone: 209-228-4615 [email protected]

Emily S. Lin (secondary)

Head, Digital Assets


Phone: 209-658-7146 [email protected]


Krista Ivy (user registration email contact)

Reference/Instruction Librarian

Rivera Library

Phone: 951-827-2642 [email protected]

Madelyn Millen (instructor privileges message contact)

Curator, Visual Resources Collection

History of Art Department

Phone: 951-827-2697

[email protected]

Support listserv: Krista, Madelyn plus 3 others in VR. Madelyn supports all Art and

Art History users and Krista supports all those outside of the Art and Art History department.

San Diego

Vickie O’Riordan

Visual Resources Curator & Public Services Manager

Arts Library

Phone: 858 822-0208 [email protected]

Santa Barbara

Jackie Spafford

Image Resources Curator

Department of History of Art and Architecture

Phone: 805-893-2509 [email protected]

George Michaels

Executive Director

Instructional Development

Phone: 805-893-2378 [email protected]

Susan Moon

Head, Arts Library

Phone: 805-893-3613 [email protected]

Santa Cruz

Sue Chesley Perry

Head, Digital Initiatives Dept.

McHenry Library


831.459-5590 [email protected]

Elisabeth Remak-Honnef

History of Art & Visual Cultures Bibliographer / Special Collections' Rare Books



Phone: 831 459-2459 [email protected]