Citing SIRS Magazines - Cherokee County Schools

To cite a source, you must identify the publication type. This can be challenging when using information
databases such as SIRS. Several publication types can be found in SIRS. Magazines, newspapers, government
documents, reference books, graphics, and websites are all publication types. The article type table is very
helpful in identifying publication type.
Another handy SIRS tool is the Source icon
. Click on this icon to verify bibliographic information.
Provide in this order, omitting what is not available or relevant:
Magazine article: Author's name. "Title of the Article." Original Source of Article Date of original
source: page numbers. Name of the Database Used. Name of the Service.
Name of Library or Library System, City, State Abbreviation. Date of
access <URL of service's homepage>.
Frick, Robert. "Investing in Medical Miracles." Kiplinger's Personal Finance Feb.
1999: 80-87. SIRS Researcher. ProQuest. GALILEO.
Etowah High School Media Center, Woodstock, GA. 3 Oct. 2006
Citation Type:
We think you probably mean:
Periodicals > Select Magazine or Journal > Create
Magazine > Next
Publication Medium:
Online > Next
Tell Us More About This Source
Article >Yes, information about print pub is provided
>Subscription database> Next
Information about online retrieval of this source: Is
Yes, information about print pub is provided
specific publication information provided?
Free or subscription content?
Subscription > Next
Subscription Database Wizard, Step 1, Find Database:
Type SIRS Researcher in the box > Next
Database Wizard continued:
Select ProQuest > Next
Subscription Database Wizard Step 2: What URL? > Next
Complete the template:
Provide the basic Information about Print Version and
Online Retrieval
Name & city/state of library that provides service:
GALILEO. Etowah High School Media Center,
Woodstock, GA.
Etowah HS Media Center