design brief template

University of Glasgow
Design Services Framework
Design brief
Date: xxxx
To: insert name of each design agency approached
Complete the form below for each project and provide to the agency/agencies
University contact details for this project
Contact name
Contact address
Contact telephone
Contact email
Alternative contact name
Alternative contact details
Project details
Name of project
Explanation of why
publication is required
What is your market – who
are you aiming to reach?
Nature of product required,
eg poster, brochure, leaflet.
Think about which style of
publication will be
appropriate for your
Is this a one-off publication,
a regular series or a range of
What is your preferred
shape? Eg A5, A4, square,
gatefold, landscape, upright?
How many pages will the
publication have?
Is photography available for
the project?
Have any constraints been
identified or decisions
already taken? If so list these
Schedule details – when will
work begin on the project
and when must it be
Terms & Conditions of Purchase and Copyright
The University’s Design Framework Terms & Conditions apply to this contract. All
information and material created as a result will be the property of the University.
This means that the University will own the copyright of the successful design and
has the right to use the design, wholly or in part, in any medium, including the
internet; design elements may be altered in order to meet the requirements of
delivery on computer screen and as holders of the copyright the University reserves
the right to do this.
Print requirements
(Complete this section only if you wish the design agency to handle the print
for you too. The agency will charge a handling fee for print management.)
Estimated number of copies
Any special instructions – for
example, type of paper
preferred (silk, matt, gloss,
uncoated etc – your agency
will be able to provide advice
and samples). We
recommend using a FSC
paper which preferably
contains at least 50%
recycled material.
Deadline for delivery of
finished copies