Role description Marketing Team Member

Role description Marketing Team Member
Reports to
Marketing Officer
Core Responsibilities
To be a motivated, punctual and responsible member of the team, work on the
promotion of EFPSA in a vide varieties of tasks provide assistance when other
Marketing members need it
To participate in projects, tasks and the overall promotion of EFPSA with a wide range
of responsibilities and skills.
Tasks & functions
To actively participate and collaborate on a wide range of meetings, projects and tasks with the entire
Marketing Team, whether considering the production of new promotional materials, or execution of
organisational, administrative and coordination tasks.
To be proactive in expressing new ways of how to better EFPSA’s promotion, weather made for internal,
external, virtual, or tangible usage, considering both events and services or general promotion.
Uphold and operate in accordance with the EFPSA Statutes, EFPSA Domestic Regulations and EFPSA
Corporate Visual Identity.
To report to Marketing Team Seniors and the Marketing Officer.
Responsibility, punctuality, honesty and openness in communication with the team.
Creativity and proactivity when discussing and producing new ideas for promotional purposes
Good English writing skills and good communication skills
A strong interest in learning or existing experience with promotion, design and design software (Adobe,
Corel or similar), market analysis or photography.
Desired Outcomes
To enhance the promotion of EFPSA throughout the year by creatively working on new projects and tasks
To ensure that EFPSA has been promoted adequately, professionally and in consonance with the EFPSA
spirit during the entire mandate.
To ensure that all EFPSA teams are presented in a CVI appropriate and esthetically pleasing manner via
their web page section and are supplied with promotional materials.
Develop and maintain a “ready-to-use” EFPSA promotional materials kit, available for any needed purpose
(Congress, EFPSA Day, on-line promotion, presentation etc.)
Role Description – Team Member, Marketing Office| Executive Board, EFPSA | April 2014 | Page 1
* We recognise awareness of the contents of these documents and their implications can be further developed during
the early stages of your position.
* Applicants for Senior Marketing Coordinator, Senior Brand Coordinator and Marketing Team Members are
advised to send examples of visual materials they have created, together with their application
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