Ragtime By E.L. Doctorow Incoming Junior Study Guide Summer



By  E.L.  Doctorow  



Incoming Junior Study Guide Summer reading for 2015-16 school year

To be prepared for the opening of the school year you should:

1) Have the novel read. Please remember that academic reading means CLOSE reading, not skimming or relying on summaries.

2) Be prepared to test on this book. At the discretion of your teacher this test may be given on the first day of class or any other time early in the year.

3) Be prepared for any other type of assignment your English teacher may choose to give.

This might include essay writing, presentation, discussion, project, etc.

Before  reading  the  novel ,  you  will  do  some  pre-­‐reading  from  the   Novels  for  Students   volume  6 .   You  can  access   Novels  for  Students   volume  6  as  an  ebook  from  the  NDA  library   card  catalog    ( http://tinyurl.com/qagmut9 )  or  if  this  link  doesn’t  work  here  is  the  full  URL    

( http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE|CX2591900022&v=2.1&u=covi42519&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&asid=b



If  you  are  not  on  NDA’s  Wi-­‐Fi  you  will  need  to  enter  the  password  for   Ebooks-­‐Gale  Virtual  

Reference .    Legally  this  password  cannot  be  posted  on  an  unprotected  web  site.  You  can   get  this  password  from  the  NDA  library  web  page  under  Research  Help/Databases-­‐Ebooks-­‐

Passwords-­‐Links.    Use  this  year’s  password  to  get  to  this  page  or  you  also  received  an  email   from  Mrs.  Benkert  with  information  about  how  to  access  this  book.    


Read  the  sections  from  the  guide  listed  below.  In  addition  to  the  novel,  you  will  be   responsible  for  knowing  this  information  and  you  will  be  tested  on  this  information.    

-­‐ Introduction  

-­‐ Author  Biography  

-­‐ Characters  

-­‐ Themes  

-­‐ Style  

-­‐ Historical  Context  



After  reading  the  novel  write  a  response  to  the  novel  based  on  one  of  the  elements  from   the  pre-­‐reading  guide.  Choose  an  element  from  the  theme,  style,  or  character  sections.    

Your  response  should  be  two  pages  typed,  double  spaced,  in  MLA  format  and  is  due  on  the   first  day  of  school.