Research report: Studio Dunbar

Studio Dumbar is a design agency.
They are located in the Netherlands.
Which means they make cool stuff.
It was founded by Gert Dumbar in 1977.
That was a while ago.
Now it is run by Michel De Boer as Creative Director
and Tom Dorresteijn as Strategy Director,
but Gert still holds high position on the board.
Gert has always been controversial.
Regardless of this, his ideas always result in sucessful communiation.
Gert is one of the most copied designers in the Netherlands.
His common and shameless decorative style is dubbed as
the verb “to Dunbar”.
Studio Dunbar avoids a hierarchial system with a couple
head honchos and thier minions.
This has resulted in Studio Dunbar’s multi-style output.
Studio Dunbar has been criticised for being too informal at
times, but it is with this freedom of invention coupled with
strict functionality that has come to represent a large part of
the mythical ‘Dutch Design’.
C Broadcasting / EU2004 / Dutch Police Force
ArtAids / Items
Aalsmeer Flower Auction / Thijs Wolzak Photography
Studio Dumbar is a multi-disciplinary studio
Studio Dumbar is highly integrated.
Studio Dumbar is able to communicate.
Studio Dumbar is fun.
Studio Dumbar has creative power, experience with communicating complex messages to a wide audience, they know
what is possible in terms of creativity as well as technology,
and the comprehensive network of specialists from related
Plus it doesn’t hurt gaining respect for thirty years.