YVODO Martial Arts in San Jose

YVODO Martial Arts
in San Jose
• Introduction
• Body
• History
• My achievements
• Benefits
• Conclusion
History of YVODO
• The grand master
– Mr. Bao Truyen
– Learned a mixed of MA since he was 5 years ago.
– Before 1975 he had 4 studios with hundreds of
pupils in Saigon
– After 1975, he came to Hawaii and continued to
teach MA there.
– In 1980 he came to San Jose and opened a studio
to teach Yvodo
My Achievement
I joined Yvodo 7 years ago
Now wear a 5th degree level in black belt
Manage the studio at 2000 Senter Road
Train 20 students 4 times a week
My whole family practice Yvodo
Obtain Qi (Chi) after 5 years
• Healthier: no more back pain, no more sickness
• Stronger: lift heavier things, working longer hour
• Younger: sweating helps the skin, Qi bring blood
to my face.
• Resistant to stress: can handle stress easily
through breathing techniques
• No diet necessary: eat what I like
• Having fun with students as a family: dinners, gettogethers, picnics
• https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=689