13 14 studio policy - Music For Young Children

MYC Studio Policy for Hannah Hamm's studio
Thank you for choosing Music for Young Children to begin your child’s music education. We are convinced
you will be pleased with the program and look forward to this year together. Following are some policies which
the teachers and I will maintain in the studio. Please read them thoroughly and phone me with any questions.
1 - Schedule: Music classes begin second week of September and will continue for 36 sessions (Monday classes will
have 34 sessions). Last week of classes before Christmas will be Dec 16 - 19 . Classes will resume January 6. We will
also take time off for Spring Break, at the same time as most school breaks. All classes will be completed by mid-June,
including 2 recitals and a musical carnival in the yard. There will be at least two other weeks off during the year,
including the week of Oct 31.
2 - Fees are $20 per lesson for 36 lessons, occurring over a 10 month period. First 8 weeks non-refundable unless spot
can be filled from waitlist. These rates and policies are a standard set by MYC in the city of Vancouver. These 36
lessons are divided over 10 months, however we will not necessarily have 4 lessons each month. Lessons actually fall
over 9.5 months. If withdrawing later in the year we will require 4 weeks' notice with lesson fees collected, and no
lesson fees will be refunded after April 1, 2014.
3 - Parent participation in the classes and at home is essential to your child’s success. Please turn off your cell
phones during class and model an enthusiastic attitude as they will follow your lead! It is important that your child is
able to practice at least 5 times a week at home, and accomplish their goals each week, as their experience will be the
most positive when they are prepared to participate with their classmates. Practice need only be 5-15 minutes of singing,
piano, homework pages or rhythm practice for level one students, 20 – 30 for upper levels. The easiest and most
effective method is to have a regular daily practice time. Praise and encouragement from you are all that is needed to
make this a positive time. Watch how your teacher does it at solo time! Please note that if you, or a suitable guardian,
are unable to attend a class your child will be required to miss that lesson unless by special exception.
4 – We will strive to start and end classes on time. If you are more than a few minutes late your homework will be
checked at the end of class or the following week. Please phone or email ahead if you will be missing a lesson so we
can give you the homework. Fees are not reduced for missed classes however we would be happy to go over the
material briefly with you and to email you the homework. It is your responsibility to arrange for this. In case of teacher
illness or absence, classes will be rescheduled at a time convenient to most or pushed one week further into June.
5 - As your child needs your full attention during class time, please do not bring siblings to the studio. For rare
exceptions, they could sit on the bench in the coat area. The studio does not have a separate waiting room, so please do
not come into the studio if there is a class in session, except to use the washroom. You are welcome to wait in the yard
on dry days, while supervising your children at your own risk, or in your vehicle if raining.
6 - Please do NOT work ahead in the workbooks or have kids play the S pieces without teacher approval. It is essential
that the workbooks go along with the lesson, in proper progression. If you or your child feels the need for further
challenge, please request supplementary materials, which we are happy to provide!
7 - Rough handling of any instruments or other items in the studio will not be tolerated. New families, please help me
teach your children the boundaries of the classroom . Behaviour expectations will be clearly given. Parents, please
work together with your teacher to "parent" and guide the students toward good listening and following instructions.
You are always welcome to "take a break" to refocus during class outside or in the washroom.
8 - No gum, food or drinks in the studio although a good snack before class is a great idea! Please do your best to
preserve the cleanliness of the waiting area by keeping your shoes on the rack by the door. Please wash your hands
BEFORE class and please don't come if your child is sick with a bad cold or has flu symptoms.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher or myself if you have any questions or concerns about your child, the class
or the content. It is best to have these discussions outside of class time. Once you have read these policies please email
me to let me know you’ve understood them. Thank you again! Enjoy
Hannah Hamm
604-879-1554 www.myc.com/teacher/HHamm