Team Member assessment for Plant Hormone labs Even though I

Team Member assessment for Plant Hormone labs Even though I can examine the history of your wiki and evaluate contributions made to report writing, I want you to also evaluate the contributions of your lab team members to both the in-­‐lab work and report writing. In groups of three people, you have 20 points to allocate among the other two members. (The few groups of four will allocate 30 points to the other three members.) You do NOT give yourself points. If you truly believe that everyone contributed equally to the group work, then you should give everyone else 10 points. If everyone in the group feels the same way, you all will receive an average of 10 points. I will use your peer evaluations, along with my assessment of your contributions, to adjust your grade on group work in lab. Be fair in your assessments, but if someone in your group didn't contribute adequately, give them fewer points. If someone worked harder than the rest, give that person more than 10 points. Here are some rules that you must observe in assigning points: • You cannot give anyone in your group more than 15 points. • You do not have to assign all of your points. • Don't give anyone a grade that they don't deserve. PLEASE BEGIN by listing the name of each group member and then next to each name indicate the score you believe each person earned. Then, please indicate why you gave someone more than OR less than 10 points. Next, if you were to assign points to yourself, what do you feel you deserve? Why? Finally, think about your writing and the editing process. Briefly describe how the draft you wrote was changed (by others) to get to its final version. When you are finished, be sure to SUBMIT your evaluation. You will not be able to edit your evaluation after it is submitted.