I am grateful to several people for their advice and help on this
monograph. John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt deserve credit for
inspiring and guiding me, as well as for patiently reading over various
drafts and contributing their expert opinion. Walter Nelson also read
and critiqued an early version, which led to the inclusion of at least
two of the historical cases. David Persselin and Russ Glenn read early
versions. I owe them a substantial intellectual debt for their expert
contribution and critical analysis. Jeff Marquis was indispensable in
helping to refine the analysis about military swarming in general.
Thomas McNaugher and Michele Zanini deserve thanks for their
insightful comments. Paul Davis and Randy Steeb deserve special
thanks for their patient and constructive review of the final draft.
Finally, I thank my editor, Marian Branch, for her constructive
comments and meticulous improvement of the final draft.
Needless to say, any error, omission, or misuse of history is my
responsibility alone.