The Hon. Mark McArdle PO Box 3998 Caloundra QLD 4551 Re

The Hon. Mark McArdle
PO Box 3998
Caloundra QLD 4551
Re: Halls Creek Identified Growth Area
Dear Mr. McArdle,
My name is Tim, I am a school teacher and father of 2 living at Meridan Plains. My wife and I moved
to the coast in 2009 after the birth of our second child as we wanted our children to grow up in a
safe community away from the city.
We moved to Caloundra because we loved the open spaces and natural environment that are right
on our doorstep. We spend virtually every weekend bike riding, kayaking, fishing and surfing and
never have to go out more than a few minutes to enjoy these activities.
We are deeply concerned that all this is being threatened with the possible development of Halls
Creek. The Sunshine Coast is a unique place because planning decisions have been made that have
preserved large open spaces and protected our environment. We have to make sure that this is
continued and we do not let urban sprawl destroy the character and the amenity that makes this
region such a wonderful place to raise a family.
I urge you to listen to the community and ensure that the Halls Creek Area is removed from the new
SEQ Regional Plan.
Kind regards,