STD & HIV Study Guide

Study Guide
Our test over communicable diseases will only cover the information on
sexually transmitted infections and HIV that we covered in class. You will
need to know:
What disease in commonly caused by HPV
Signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections
Requirements needed for diagnosis of AIDS
How HIV is spread and myths about HIV transmission
Population affected by HIV
Importance of STI information in schools
Sexually transmitted infections that can/can’t be spread from
mother to baby
Why so many sexually transmitted infections go untreated and
What is the most common STI in the United States
Confidentiality and the law regarding sexually transmitted
Different stages of HIV
Types of tests used to check for HIV, and reasons they may not be
Differences between HIV and AIDS
Types of cancer caused by sexually transmitted infections
Sexually transmitted infections that can/can’t be cured
Effective behavior to avoid sexually transmitted diseases
Body fluids that carry HIV/STI
Differences between viruses and bacteria