MAN 204 International Marketing Take Home Assignment 1

MAN 204 International Marketing
Take Home Assignment
1- Explain all of the market orientation strategies and their features by giving examples .
2- What is Hofstede’s Cultural Typology? List all but explain only three of them by giving
3- Explain the following concepts: social institutions, attitudes, beliefs, values,
4- Make a comparison between standardization and adaptation.
5- What is the restraining forces affecting global integration and global marketing?
6- What is diffusion theory? Explain the concept with its all aspects.
7- Explain the concepts of IT and CRM. Discuss its privacy issues.
8- What is culture? What are the differences between Low and High Context Cultures? Explain
them by giving examples.
9- Explain the sources of Market Information Research. List and explain the steps of market
10- List and explain market expansion (product/growth matrix) strategies.