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MKTG 4550
Creating Service Quality: A Key to Organizational Survival and Employee Security
Spring 2012
April 9 – 27, 2012
Instructor: L. Lee Manzer
Contract Information
419 Spears School of Business
[email protected]
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Email: [email protected] Phone: 1-866-678-3933 or 405-744-4048
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Overview of the Course: This one-hour credit class may be quite different than any you have taken before. The
course content is based on your instructor’s 35 years of experience of interacting and consulting with over
500 “real-world” organizations. Given this format, there is no assigned text. Please print the PowerPoint
slides and follow along as they are discussed on the video. The exam (short-answer questions) will come
from the slides and what is conveyed by lecture. You must take notes as the slides are discussed. The exam
will be open slides and notes. You will not do well if you use the slides only. The hope is that you will take
some practical knowledge from this course and apply it to your chosen career. The material is not difficult
to understand, but there will be an abundance of it. The course is built around service quality as a
competitive advantage for the organization and the individual.
Course Prerequisites: None
Texts and Supplementary Materials: None
Grading Policy
open PowerPoint, notes
3-5 pages, double spaced
There are a total of 150 points possible. The letter grade will be “curved” from the highest total points
obtained, i.e., if the highest number if 145, then grades will be determined from 145. For example:
145 x .9
145 x .8
145 x .7
145 x .6
= 130 =
= 116 =
= 101 =
= 87 =
(Note: The above is an example – the highest total will not be known until the course is completed.) The
questions will be short answer, for example: What is “The Game is Played Away from the Ball?”
Paper: The paper may be on any topic discussed in the course as it relates to your future career or how the
selected topic has affected you in some past situation. The paper will be graded on content, grammar,
spelling, etc. The paper is due on the last day of the course (April 27).
Exam: The examination will be held on April 26, 2012 either at a proctored site (testing center) or a designated
location on the Stillwater campus. The proctored exam may be given any time the day of December 2; the
Stillwater exam will be given at 5:30 p.m. on that date in Morrill 102.
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Drop Non-Restrictive 4/10/12
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cheat, unauthorized advance access to examinations, altering or destroying the work of others, and
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Accessibility: Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him or her from fully
demonstrating his or her abilities should contact the instructor as soon as possible, so we can discuss
accommodations necessary to ensure full participation and facilitate your educational opportunity. For
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