Environmental Education
Environmental Management
The objective of the ESGP is to aid students
who wish to pursue a career as an
environmental scientists the opportunity to
take a constellation of courses from the
sciences (life, physical and social) as well as
engineering and education.
The interdisciplinary degree program allows
students a unique opportunity to develop a
plan of study that addresses individual
career goals. Working with 30 different
departments on campus allows students to
choose from more than 200 courses.
Students can focus on areas such as
toxicology, risk assessment, education,
sustainability, journalism, ecology, water,
policy, conservation, soils and other areas
that the students and faculty deem
important for the future of the environment.
Environmental Sustainability
Chemistry, Toxicology & Risk Assessment
Policy & Conflict Management
Environmental Water & Watershed Management.
Defined specializations include:
Environmental Education:
Prepares students for careers in teaching K-12, teaching
or researching at educational institutions, research
facilities, corporations, and government agencies.
Environmental Management:
Prepares students for professional environmental practice
in consulting, industry, government, and non-profit
Environmental Sustainability:
Prepares students to take a sustainable approach to their
lives and teach public awareness on their responsibility to
increase recycling, reducing consumption, and
development of renewable energies.
The Program maintains three databases
designed to help students, faculty, and
employers identify potential opportunities for
mentoring, collaboration, and other
Environmental Faculty Database:
Environmental Career Opportunity Database:
Environmental Science Alumni Database:
Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, and Risk Assessment:
Emphasizes relationships among environmental
contaminants, their fate and transport through the
environment, and their effects on ecological and human
Water and Watershed Management: Emphasizes the
relationships between clean water and watershed
Environmental Science Graduate Program
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