Department Representatives Applications

Social Science Students’ Council 2015-2016
Department Representative Nomination Form
UWO E-mail: Current Year:
Program: Phone Number:
Position running for:
American Studies
DAN Management
First Nation Studies
Political Science
Women’s Studies
Candidate Eligibility:
o The candidate must: be enrolled in Social Science - be taking a module or enrolled in at least 2.0 credits within the department they wish to represent, and must be entering any year other than first year.
o The candidate must attend or send a proxy candidate to the following (all
MANDATORY unless otherwise stated):
o The All Candidates Meeting on Tuesday, March 3RD, 2015 at 5:30PM (UC 30)
o The Annual General Meeting on Sunday, March 15TH, 2015 at 10AM (SSC 2050)
The candidate must be able to attend bi-weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 5:30–8 p.m.
I, , agree to allow my name to be placed on the ballot for the
Department Representatives Meeting and, if elected, will fulfill the obligations to the Social Science
Students’ Council (SSSC). I agree, furthermore, to abide by the electoral rules and procedures set
out in the SSSC Constitution as found on the SSSC website or provided to me bythe Chief Returning
Witness Signature Date
Candidate Signature Date
Completed Forms must be handed in at the SSSC Office Drop-box
(Room 1124 in the SSC) by 4PM Tuesday, March 3RD 2015
Questions or Concerns can be directed to:
Lindsee Perkins, VP Academics at [email protected]
Social Science Students’ Council
Faculty of Social Science - The University of Western Ontario
Social Science Centre, Room 1124 London, ON CANADA N6A 5C2
Email: [email protected] - Website: - @ssscwestern