4 year
Read the text and decide which answer (А, В, С or D) best fits each space.
Interpreting the feelings of other people is not always easy, as we all know, and we (1) ..as much on
what they seem to be telling us, as on the (2)…words they say. Facial (3)… and tone of voice are
obvious ways of showing our (4)…to something, and it may well be that we unconsciously
(5)…views that we are trying to hide. The art of being tactful lies in (6)…these signals, realising
what the other person is trying to say, and acting so that they are not embarrassed in any way. For
example, we may understand that they are (7)…reluctant to answer our question, and so we stop
pressing them. Body movements in general may also (8)…feelings, and interviewers often
(9)…particular attention to the way a candidate for a job walks into the room and sits down.
However, it is not difficult to present the right kind of appearance, while what many employers
want to know relates to the candidate's character (10)…
, and psychological stability. This raises
the (11)…question of whether job candidates should be asked to complete psychological tests, and
the further problem of whether such tests actually produce (12)…results. For many people, being
asked to take part in such a test would be an objectionable (13)…into their private lives. Quite
(14)…from this problem, can such tests predict whether a person is likely to be a (15)…employee or
a valued colleague?
1) A estimate
В rely
С reckon
D trust
2) A other
В real
С identical
D actual
3)A looks
В expression
С image
D manner
4) A view
В feeling
С notion
D reaction
5) A express
В declare
С exhibit
D utter
6) A taking down В putting across
С picking up
D going over
7) A at least
В above all
С anyhow
D in fact
8) A display
В indicate
С imply
D infer
9) A have
В show
С make
D pay
10) A quirks
В mannerisms
С traits
D points
11) A awkward
В risky
С unreliable
D predictable
13) A invasion
В intrusion
С infringement
D interference
14) A different
В apart
С away
D except
15) A pedantic
В particular
С laborious
D conscientious
Choose the right variant A, B, C or D.
16. She ……… her work passionately and will never give it up.
A likes B is fond of C keen on D loves
17. We watched a very ……… programme on television last night which made us laugh a lot.
A amusing B enjoying C tiring D sympathetic
18. Don’t be so …….. – you can call me Pete.
A formal B typical C tiresome D afraid
19. His English is not very …….. but his French is excellent.
A well B fluently C high D good
20. The dentist told him to open his mouth ………. .
A wide B widely C deep D deeply
21. I have a committee meeting till eleven o’clock but I should be able to get …….. before then.
A away B in C off D up
22. I got …….. the Art Faculty at the University of London to study history.
A through B on C into D from
23. It was too nice … day to stay in.
A a B the C an D –
24. I .......... to say that your application has been unsuccessful.
A like B happen C regret D hope
25. The Prime Minister made no ........ to the incident in his speech.
A reference B mention C impression D gesture
26. Many people consider that the ........ of marriage is under threat.
A institution B constitution C attribution D restitution
27. Sally’s mother doesn’t … of eating between meals.
A approve B agree C accept D allow
28. The match had to be cancelled because of the severe ………
A ice B frost C snow D freezing
29. We had to give the customs official a …….. not to inspect our suitcases.
A fee B reward C bonus D bribe
30. Things are going well. In fact, the business is ……… .
A soaring B booming C leaping D rolling