Chapter 2 Teaching Presentation Rubric

Chapter 6 Teaching Presentation Rubric
Group Members:
Body System:
Date of Teaching:
 Participation of all group members (speaking) ____/4
 Voices (clear and loud enough) ____/4
 Involves class in learning activity ____/4
 Technology use (i.e. powerpoint, SmartBoard, etc.) ____/4
 Use of vocabulary words ____/4
 Describes structures and functions of the body system ____/4
 Includes interrelated body systems (how body systems work together) ____/4
 Describes at least three ways to keep the body system healthy ____/4
 Able to accurately answer questions on the topic ____/4
 Created four quiz questions related to the content of the presentation____/4
 Active and cooperative listener during other group presentations ____/4
Total score _____/44