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HRMO Checklist FS-001
Last Rev. 03.13.2008
Rev. 02.11.2010
Pre-Employment Checklist for Faculty Applicants
â–ºPlease submit the enumerated credentials in its proper
1. Application Letter
2. Resume
3. 2 x 2 picture (2 copies)
4. Present the original and submit two (2)
photocopies of the following:
a. Transcript of Records (Authenticated)
b. Diploma
c. Professional Board Examination rating
d. PRC certificate, if any
e. Clinical experience (for health related courses)
f. Community Tax Certificate
g. Birth Certificate
h. Marriage contract, if married
i. Taxpayer Identification Number
(TIN card/BIR form No. 1902/2316*)
*if with previous employment
j. Social Security System Number (SSS card/E-1 form)
k. PhilHealth number (PhilHealth card/ M1a form)
l. NBI/ Police Clearance
5. Letter of Recommendation
6. Certificate of present/previous employment
(to indicate the summary of teaching units per semester)
7. Authority to teach from full time employer
(if with full-time employer)
8. Certificate of community service/ seminars/trainings/professional
awards/membership to professional organizations
9. Proof of researches/publications/books/instructional
materials & creative works, if any