California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) CSUF would like to

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)
CSUF would like to extend a once in a lifetime opportunity to students with the
chance to experience Southern California at an American University.
Students can attend our American Language Program where they can study in the
intensive English program. With nine different levels of proficiency students can
steadily improve their English language skills, while they interact with conversation
partners and make new friends during their visits to the Southern California beaches.
Additionally, students who join the American Language Program can apply for
conditional admission into California State University, Fullerton after completing
their English language requirements and can continue in pursuit of their degree. For
additional information regarding this program please
If students who want to study in America for a semester or two, we have the
University Semester Abroad program that provides a long term cultural and
academic learning experiences. In this program students will be surrounded by
American culture, learn in inspiring classes, enjoy Southern California, and make
lasting friendships. For more information concerning this program please visit:
Professional Programs for educators, public administrators, and business
professionals allow for interaction with university faculty and leading experts in the
field and development of real-world knowledge and skills that can be immediately
applied. Programs in topic areas such as: higher education administration,
business/corporate management, faculty development, and more have been delivered.
Group programs can be customized for any length of time- from a few weeks to a year
or longer. For additional information regarding this program please
The University Student Leadership Program is an extraordinary chance to gain an
educational and cultural experience of a lifetime. The goal of this program is to assess
and develop students’ understanding of leadership and to grow the necessary skills
required of emerging leaders today. Through dynamic lectures, workshop activities
and group presentations, this program will provide you with a self-awareness of your
leadership style, enhance your English fluency, as well as enrich your knowledge of
American culture. For additional information concerning this program please visit:
Furthermore, top universities from around the globe continue to have faith in our
programs. We have recently host both professional and student groups from
Vietnam’s Foreign Trade University (FTU), China’s Fudan University and Nanjing
University, and Korea’s Ewah Woman’s University just to name a few.