Math 2433 Notes – Week 1

Math 2433 Notes – Week 1
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1. What is today?
12.1 Cartesian Space Coordinates
Ex: Give the equation of a plane that is parallel to the xz-plane that passes
through the point (-1, 3, -2).
2. The plane x=3 is parallel to the
a) xy-plane
b) yz-plane
c) xz-plane
• Distance Formula:
• Midpoint Formula:
• Equation of a Sphere:
1) Give the equation of the sphere that has A and B as the endpoints of a diameter.
A (2, 0, -1)
B (2, 1, 3)
2) Find the center and radius of
Read section 12.2
12.3 Vectors
A vector is an ordered triple (in space) where addition and multiplication by scalars holds.
Vectors have a direction and a length (magnitude or norm).
1) Find the vector PQ and determine its norm given points P and Q.
P(5,3,2), Q(-3,1,5)
2) Set a = (-5, -2, 6), b = (3, 0, 4), c = (-5, 1, 5). Find: 4a + b - 3c
3. If you are given two points and wish to find
the vector from one to the other, you
a) Add
b) Subtract
c) Multiply
d) Divide
Two vectors are parallel (write ∥) if a = α b for some real number α
If α >0, then a and b have the same direction.
If α <0, then a and b have opposite directions.
3) Are any of the following vectors parallel?
a = (1, -1, 2) b = (2, -1, 2) c = (3, -3, 6) d = (-2, 2, -4)
4. Choose B
5. Choose A