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HW 6: More Vectors
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1. Which expression is false concerning the vectors shown in the sketch? Why?
2) Calculate and diagram the following:
a) the x and y components of V = 45 m/s @ 22o.
b) the x and y components of X = 25 m @ 175o
c) the vector that has components Fx = 5 N and Fy = 7 N
d) the vector that has components Vx = 14 m/s and Vy = 9 m/s
3. Find F (magnitude F and direction ) if F1 = 6 N, 00;
a. F  F1  F2
F2 = 6 N, 1200;
F3 = 6 N, 600
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b. F  F1  F3
4. Use the following vectors to answer the questions.
a. Which vectors have the same magnitude?
b. Which vectors have the same direction?
c. Which arrows, if any, represent the same vector?
Max plays middle linebacker for South's football team. During one play in last Friday night's game against
New Greer Academy, he made the following movements after the ball was snapped on third down. First, he
back-pedaled in the southern direction for 2.6 meters. He then shuffled to his left (west) for a distance of 2.2
meters. Finally, he made a half-turn and ran downfield a distance of 4.8 meters in a direction of 240° counterclockwise from east (30° W of S) before finally knocking the wind out of New Greer's wide receiver. Determine
the magnitude and direction of Max's overall displacement.