Blackboard Learn 9

Blackboard Learn 9
Tips and Reminders for Faculty
UH Account Login:
Roster & Grade Book
When course materials are ready for student viewing, do
Course roster (from myUH) syncs to Blackboard.
not forget to set the availability in Blackboard Learn.
Blackboard grade book does not sync to myUH.
Letter grades will need to be added manually in the
myUH system.
Course Modules
Use the “Module Page” menu item to create a dashboard of
modules for students. The following modules are useful for any
course in the Blackboard Learn system: My Announcements,
What’s New, My Messages, My Calendar.
Menu Items (+)
“Tool Links” can be used as a quick access point for students.
Consider the following as part of the course navigation menu:
My Grades, Contacts, Blackboard Help, Messages, Groups.
Student Access
Students are loaded into Blackboard one to three
Activate the “Test Student”
days prior to the start of the semester. Earlier access
account through the “Course
is by request only.
Tools” menu and email
Faculty Support
blackboard the
credentials are required
1-844-570-6763 (toll free)
CougarNet ID (i.g. user_s)
Distance Education Terms
for login.
Online classes= bulk of the material delivered online. Face -to-face sessions are discouraged but acceptable up to 15% of
instructional time (maximum of four 1 ½ hour meetings during a long semester).
Hybrid classes= combines traditional classroom instruction with a significant amount (over 50%) of instruction delivered through
educational technology. Classes meet approximately half of the time in a traditional face -to-face classroom environment with the
remainder delivered online.
Recommended Online Course Guidelines for UH:
Useful Sites
Faculty Intranet:
Course Evaluations:
Education Librarian: 713-743-3575
Distance Education:
Center for Students with DisABILITIES:
Academic Calendar:
Emergency Operations Center: -calendar/
Instructional Designer - UH EDUCATION
Velvette Laurence [email protected]; 713-743-5918; Center for Information Technology in Education