Genetics Review Sheet - Watervliet City Schools

Genetics Review Sheet:
1) Be able to define genetics
2) Know who the father of genetics was and what he did his experiments on and why
3) Know the four laws that Mendel came up with
4) Write a pure bred dominant, pure bred recessive and a hybrid
5) Who proved the gene chromosome theory
6) Know the difference between phenotype and genotype and the ratios for a hybrid cross and dihybrid
7) What is a monohybrid cross and be able to draw a punnet square using a given genotype
8) Know the difference and be able to provide examples of incomplete dominance, codominance and
multiple alleles
9) Who was TH Morgan and why did he use drospohila to study genetics
10) What are the male and female genotype and be able to draw a punnet square showing the 50/50 ratio of
males to females
11) What is sex linked disorders and be ablet o provide examples
12) How often does crossing over occur
13) What is DNA and what are the three parts to DNA
14) Who discovered the shape of DNA
15) What are the four bases of DNA and how do they pair up. Remember it’s the sequence that determines
16) Describe the process of how DNA replicates
17) What does RNA do
18) What are the three major differences between DNA and RNA
19) What is a gene
20) Know what a codon is and how to write an anticodon
21) What is a mutation and what are the two categories of mutations
22) What is polyploidy
23) What causes down’s syndrome
24) Name two categories of mutagenic agents and at least two examples in each category
25) How do identical twins develop
26) Be able to name and describe at least two of the four screening methods used to detect genetic
27) Be able to name and describe at least three genetic disorders
28) Name at least three genetic examples of genetic engineering
29) Know how recombinant DNA works
30) What are population genetics
31) Define gene pool and gene frequency