April Newsletter

APRIL Memos from Mrs. Sharp and Ms. Groves
Thank you all for your participation in our Easter Egg-Stravaganza before
Spring Break! We had such fun with our Egg hunt, Egg relay, Egg
Matching games and special treats! Learning is such fun in preschool!
April is a busy month and we have lots of Spring activities planned! Be on
the lookout for updates of events in the classroom and school-wide!
Please make every effort to arrive to school on time. Tardiness can be
quite disruptive when we have already started our day. Also, remember
to dress your student for outdoor play. Socks and tennis shoes are
Thank you for all you do for both your student and our classroom! Even
the small actions of checking folders, sending in forms or supplies, or
communicating regularly have a big impact on our day! We count it an
honor to partner with you for our students!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions,
concerns, or comments. You may reach us by email at
[email protected] or [email protected] We
welcome your input and feedback!
We will continue our work center rotations in our classrooms this
month, as well as our “letter of the week,” “sounds in motion,” and
show and tell activities. So far, we have learned letter “Aa,” “Ll,”
“Pp,” “Ss,” “Ff,” “Tt,” “Ww,” “Kk,” “Rr,” “Mm,” “Hh,” “Uu,” “Bb,” “Cc,”
“Vv,” “Xx,” “Oo,” “Dd,” “Ee,” and “Zz.” In the coming month, we will
learn letter “Qq,” “Gg,” “Ii,” and “Nn.” That’s 24 of our 26 letters of
the alphabet! How very smart we are becoming!
To reinforce the concepts we are learning in the classroom, we ask
that students complete daily homework activities which are sent
home in folders on Mondays. Additional tasks that may help young
learners is name practice. No special tools are needed for this
activity; any type of paper and writing utensil will do!
So that you have the opportunity to plan ahead, we our including
our upcoming March Units for you:
Check our webpage for current events and photos of our special
Please be sure to provide current contact information if this
has changed for you recently so that you may be reached in
case of emergency. We appreciate you keeping us informed
of any changes regarding our students!
Please remember that
drop-off is from 7:50
to 8:10 a.m. and
pick-up is between
2:15 and 2:30 p.m.
YMCA After school care
is available by
application should
services be desired.
*Please keep
transportation changes
as minimal as possible
and inform us of them
in writing in a timely
Pizza Buffet NightApril 14th
Family Fun NightApril 21st