How to add a TA on DEN Blackboard

How to add a TA on DEN Blackboard
If you are already used to adding a TA for your courses using USC’s Blackboard system, you should know
that adding a TA on DEN’s Blackboard system is a different process.
Link: How to add a TA on USC’s Blackboard ->
To add a TA to your DEN Blackboard course:
1. Go to the DEN Blackboard page ( and log in
2. Under the My Start Page tab, click on DEN Tools. A pop-up window should appear.
Please make sure you have pop-ups enabled for
3. In this new pop-up window, click on the Add TA/Grader link
4. You have five different input options for search criteria. The more unique fields are email address
or student ID. Use either field to search for student and click Submit.
5. In this window, select the correct course you wish to add the student as a TA using the first
drop-down menu. Use the adjacent drop-down menu to designate either TA or Grader access.
Finally click the Add button
6. If this is done successfully, a message will appear notifying you of a successful add. Please give the
system two to five minutes to update the roster on Blackboard.