The Sixth Form at George Abb ot 201 4 - 201 5

The Sixth Form
George Abbot
A notebook/pen/pencil.
GCSE results slips; these are
especially important for external
If you have not already completed
and returned the Admission Form/
Medical Information and
Parentmail forms then please bring
your completed forms with you.
Dress Code:
You have the privilege of wearing your
own clothes in the Sixth Form. However
the Sixth Form is a place of work and a
large community and you therefore
need to ensure that you dress
appropriately. Smart casual dress is
Email: [email protected]
Address: Woodruff Avenue, Guildford. Surrey. GU1 1XX
Phone: 01483 888000
01483 888001
The Sixth Form
at George Abbot
2014 - 2015
Checklist of things to bring with
you on Wednesday 3rd
I’ve got my GCSE
Now that you know your
results you may well have
some idea of what your
next step is going to be.
If you are coming to
George Abbot Sixth Form
this leaflet will provide
you with details about the
first days of your school
term as a member of our
Sixth Form.
If you are uncertain as to
your next step because of
your examination results,
please read through the
Unsure of what to do next?
section inside this leaflet.
We can help you make an
informed decision.
What do I do now?
You now have your GCSE grades; we hope
you are pleased with your results. If you
have achieved the entry requirements
necessary for your chosen subjects and
have the 5 A*-C grades that we require,
then you are ready to begin A Level study
at George Abbot Sixth Form. Our
congratulations: please read the Start of
Term section opposite.
Welcome to George
Abbot Sixth Form
2014 - 2015
External Applicants — Please bring your
GCSE results slips with you on your first
day. If you have not achieved the grades
please contact Mr O’Sullivan, Director of
Sixth Form on the day of results. Leave a
message if necessary and you will be
Day: 1—Wednesday 3rd September
Please join us in the Common Room of the
Sixth Form Centre between 8.00am and
8.15am on Wednesday 3rd September to
meet with friends and receive information
about your new tutor and your tutor base.
Assembly will begin at 8.30am promptly in
the Common Room, during which you will
receive instructions for the day’s activities.
Afterwards, you will meet with your new
tutor in your tutor base. During the course
of the day you will sign on to your A Level
and other courses and complete tasks
relevant to starting in the Sixth Form at
George Abbot.
Day: 2—Thursday 4th September
A Level and other courses will commence
as timetabled from Period 1, starting at
8.30am onwards. All students will have
been given a copy of their timetable on
Wednesday. New photographs will be
taken of all students during the day. Each
tutor group will have their photographs
taken during a specific period during the
day. Your form tutor will provide you with
this information on Wednesday.
To do A levels you need at least 5 GCSE
passes at A*-C.
Unsure of what to do next?
If you have not achieved the grades
necessary to sign on to your preferred
subjects then do not panic. You will need
to talk with us and see if we can help you
find an alternative subject.
Our Sixth Form Dress Code will apply from
Day 1. You will be able to buy food in the
school canteens or Common Room at
break time and lunchtime.
If you have not achieved 5 GCSE passes
at A*-C, George Abbot Sixth Form may
still have what you are looking for!
If in doubt, contact Mr O’Sullivan directly
to discuss your application email:
[email protected]
Or Tel: 01483 888 041
Start of Term
If you need advice and guidance:
Contact Mr O’Sullivan on
Tel: 01483 888 041, or email
[email protected]