Evolution Test Review - Watervliet City Schools

Evolution Test Review:
1) Define evolution
2) Know that the earth has evolved as well as life on earth
3) Be able to provide at least two ways that the earth has evolved
4) Know the age of the earth
5) Know how fossils form (both regular and how soft tissue fossils can form)
6) Be able to provide evidence that connects humans to apes
7) Know the key scientists (4) that helped shape evolution theory
8) Know who the father of evolution is and why
9) What are the six main concepts of the “Origin of Species”
10) What is natural selection and how does it differ from artificial selection
11) Describe survival of the fittest
12) Be able to provide examples of homologous and analogous structures
13) Be able to provide examples of evolution comparisons (anatomy, embryology, cytology
and biochemistry)
14) Can acquired traits be passed on to offspring?
15) Know that evolution provides an explanation for the differences in structure, function
and behavior of an organism
16) How did Alfred Wallace’s theory differ from Darwin
17) What kind of rock will you find fossils in
18) What is a vestigial structure and be able to provide examples
19) Be able to explain the concept of a half life (carbon dating is used for fossils)
20) Know that we can also age the soil around a fossil to estimate its age