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Petrol station
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Network management system NMS
General information
The Network Management System
NMS is the central system for managing
a complete network of petrol stations
and includes the following modules:
• Wet Stock Management
• Analysis and reporting
• Alarm and service management
• Central basic price setting
• Central promotion
• Customer cards incl. invoicing
• Stations settlement
• Supplier management
• Article management
The NMS gathers all transaction data
of a whole petrol station network and
brings transparency into your business.
Hence, the NMS creates the information basis to build strategies for optimizing business and further to increase
turnover and revenue. The NMS helps
you answering questions like:
• Which products sell best at what time?
• How many customers who bought
A also bought B?
• How much Diesel was sold on site x?
• How much with which card?
Advantages at a glance
• Brings transparency into business
• Easy controlling by comparision of
plans and facts
• Find optimization opportunities
• Better responsability
• All applications accessible from
everywhere via internet
Graphical reports
• Centralized management
• All user data quickly available
• Powerful individual reporting
• Extremely fast by use of multi-dimensional OLAP Cube technology
• Highly customizable
• User-dependant access to all data
• Create individual reports
• Unrestrained access to operating
figures and selection criteria
• Use familiar Excel
• Use other external programs
Create individual reports as tables or charts
• Pre-defined reports
• Easy to use
• Show within web browser
• Tables, charts and other graphics
• Export to Excel, PDF, RTF…
• Schedule to automatically create
and send reports by email
• Sales data
• Calculate missing amount
• Automatically identify delivery and
tank level
• Temperature compensation
• Reporting
Basic price setting
• Plan and distribute automatically
• Receive confirmation of each station
• Query each station on-demand
Plan and trace basic price settings with ease
The NMS controls all connected
petrol station management systems
Copyright 2010 · SCHEIDT & BACHMANN GmbH · Petrol station systems · Version: 2.0 - 03. September 2010 · Network Management System NMS
Petrol station
P r o d u ct i n f o
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Network management system NMS
See customer frequency analysis live in your
Minimize failures or prevent them at all by
Automatically forward information to 3rd
web browser or get them emailed
routing error messages to SMS or email
parties (e.g. tank levels to supplier)
Article management
• Central article database
• Import article lists from suppliers
• Distribute article data to single
stations, groups or regions
Supplier management
• Manage all suppliers in one place
• Route orders by your stations to the
relating supplier or subsystem
(e.g. lekkerland)
• Integrates with the NMS article
Alarm- and servicemanagement
• Instantly get hot error messages
(communications, system
monitoring etc)
• Warning messages (paper low, tank
level low etc)
• Sign of life from (unmanned) sites
• Configure what happens to each error
Connect to 3rd parties
• Includes interfaces to 3rd party
• Forward sales data, wet stock data,
card transactions (fleet cards) etc
• Import whitelists/blacklists, basic
prices etc.
Site settlement
• Bring transparency in all
turnover activities
• Export to subsystems (e.g. eurodata)
• Comparisions site-wise or groupwise
Customer cards
• Manage customer accounts
• Central invoicing
• Manage blacklists/whitelists
• Manage vouchers
• Run loyalty programs
Central promotion
• Plan and distribute promotions
• POS will charge the promotion
price during the valid period
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Copyright 2010 · SCHEIDT & BACHMANN GmbH · Petrol station systems · Version: 2.0 - 03. September 2010 · Network Management System NMS