Winter 2010 ISALN Newsletter

Winter 2010
Self Advocate Leadership Network
MISSION STATEMENT: To advance equality through growth, education, and advocacy by providing opportunities
so individuals with disabilities may achieve their greatest unique potential.
Presidents Thoughts….
SALN had been working on a lot of projects in
2009. We are looking into hiring staff and a
book keeper. And in the mix of all this we also
are researching video
teleconferencing. We still have
a lot of hard work in front of us.
SALN has also been working on
getting three chapters up and
running in: Moscow, Nampa, and
Idaho Falls. These three
chapters just recently started
this last year. So far they are
doing a great job in getting the
word out about self advocacy, and getting back
to the community. Two of these three
chapters have recently had their local
elections. Starting with Moscow we have
President: Joe Raiden, Vice Pres. Thomas
McKnight, Treasurer Rachel Raiden, Sergeant
At Arms, Larkin Seiler, and Secretary Mike
Smith. Nampa’s Elections were held in
September with the following members holding
offices: Kevin Thompson, President; Jason
Morse, Vice-President; Ashley Tyson,
Secretary; Heather Rager, Treasurer; and
Ritchy Cardwell, Sergeant at Arms.
Congratulations to both these chapters! Also,
these three chapters have shown very good
strength with building their chapters up. Our
goal for this year is to assist the rural areas
that don’t yet have chapters and make sure
that they’re still involved.
Larry Fries, SALN President
What is black
and white and
read all
News from the Idaho
Idaho Falls:
As for the Idaho Falls chapter,
there isn't much to report on. The
earlier time of 1:30 p.m. seems to
be working as far as getting new
members there. We are still trying to get the word
out that we are looking for more members. Ashley
Skaar makes the flyers that we pass around, and I
gave some of the brochures that Jen MagelkySeiler made to people to give out. In November we
met on the 18th and brought canned foods for the
food drive, and we had three people gone due to
In December, we planned to meet the 23rd and had
our Christmas party. We had a white elephant gift
- Shiloh Blackburn
Here is what Moscow SALN has done the past few
months: we had elections in November, as well as
getting everything together to become a chapter,
hosted potluck December 9th and had probably
over 20 people attend. The Moscow SALN will be
having monthly meeting for officers and will have
several people on the next teleconference.
- Joe Raiden
Moscow SALN President
PCP Specialist Now Available
The Nampa SALN group has about 15 members
that have been meeting monthly since May.
Members organized a car wash in September and
choosing to donate the $120 raised to Nampa
Family Justice Center. Elections were held in
September with the following members holding
offices: Kevin Thompson,
President; Jason Morse, VicePresident; Ashley Tyson,
Secretary; Heather Rager,
Treasurer; and Ritchy Cardwell,
Sergeant at Arms. In October the
Nampa SALN Chapter participated
in Rake Up Nampa! A city
sponsored event that recruits
teams of volunteers to rake up the
homes of seniors and people with disabilities living
in Nampa. Members are working on a canned food
drive and fundraising activities to help support
their chapter.
- Christine Pisani
Thirteen Person-Centered Planning
Specialists have just completed training and
are available in communities around Idaho to
provide in-depth person-centered planning
services to adults and transition-age youth
with developmental disabilities. For more
information and to find a trained PersonCentered Planning Specialist in your area, go
to the PCP Project Website,
- Idaho Council on
Developmental Disabilities
Council Staff
Idaho Help Website
Comprehensive Web-based
Community Resource Directory
is a web-based clearinghouse of information
and resources that we hope will help address
the needs of individuals with disabilities,
their families and other informal support
- Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities
Council Staff
Dates to Remember……
SALN Board Meeting
April 16 – 17, 2010
CDHD Community Advisory Committee
January 22, 2010
DD Council Meeting
January 28 – 29, 2010
Tools for Life Fair
March 1st and 2nd, 2010