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1 | Nampa Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 8/5/2010
Nampa Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
Steering Committee Meeting
September 14, 2010
Kristi Watkins, City of Nampa (SR2S Coordinator)
Steve Kehoe, citizen
Mitch Kiester, City of Nampa
Mark David, City of Nampa
Linda Nicholson, NNU
Lynda Clark, City of Nampa
Lincoln Hagood, Colliers International
Darrin Johnson, City of Nampa (Parks and Rec.)
Rodney Ashby, City of Nampa (Long Range Planner)
Michael Fuss, City of Nampa
Harmon Hurren, School Board
Pam White
Kevin Myers, Owner, Flying M Coffee Garage
Phil Petersen
LaRita Schandoff, Bike and Pedestrian Committee Chair
Nick Foster, Kittleson & Associates, Inc.
Sherie Moore, Alta Planning + Design
Mike Tressider, Alta Planning + Design
Items Discussed
1. Review list of goals identified by the committee and review consolidated goal statements. The goals
identified at the previous meeting were worked goal statements. Committee comments were:
Remove any goal numbers (i.e. Goal 1), so there was no misconception that the goals were listed
according to priority
Move the goal related to mode shift to a benchmarking section
Combine the goals related to improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities and design standards
The revised goal statements-
Goal: Become a Truly Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly Community
Foster a pro-bicycle and pro-pedestrian awareness in individuals, private sector organizations, and all
levels of government, to achieve a culture shift where foot-powered transportation is embraced. The City
should apply for national recognition through the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly
Community program with an initial award level goal of BRONZE.
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2 | Nampa Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 8/5/2010
Goal: Engage Local Businesses and the Community
Encourage local businesses and the community to be involved in the creation and adoption of the bicycle
master plan. Foster a pro-bicycle and pro-pedestrian awareness in individuals, private sector
organizations, and all levels of government that results in a long-term commitment to the construction
and maintenance of trail and pedestrian facilities.
Goal: Improve Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
Develop a set of facility design standards that accommodate a range of abilities, while increasing bicycle
and pedestrian safety.
Goal: Promote Bicycle and Pedestrian Education
Establish educational programs that teach safe bicycling and walking skills to all ages, and promote safer
driving behaviors among motorists, in order to reduce injuries and deaths
Goal: Promote Economic Development
Connect to existing and planned routes in neighboring jurisdictions to form a regional trail network.
Link local businesses, places to stay, and places of interest in a well-connected and desirable system that
attracts bicyclists and bicycle related businesses.
Goal: Regional Coordination
Increase regional planning, implementation and maintenance coordination to create a seamless trail
network that is consistent in character and usability.
2. Status of entities/persons identified to be included on the Steering Committee
Chamber of Commerce – non-responsive
Canyon County - non-responsive
Irrigation District - present
Phil Petersen –present
Recap of the stakeholder interview progress
About half of the stakeholder interviews have been conducted
o Generally, interviewees are not aware of what is available
o Interviewees are not aware of bicycle laws (particularly the “Idaho Stop” law)
4. Overview of the pedestrian facility inventory project
The inventory has been completed by volunteers. The marked-up maps were given to Alta to
The inventory project does not include collecting sidewalk widths due to time constraints, but
sidewalk widths will be addressed in the plan’s design standards
The inventory project is focused on major streets
Inventory results could benefit the SR2S program
Children’s helmets are to be given out on Nampa Play Day (Sept. 25), volunteers are needed
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3 | Nampa Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 8/5/2010
International Walk to School Day is an in-service day for Nampa schools. School participate on
an voluntary basis and activities may occur on different days. Activities planned
o October 12th – Birch Elementary School (Trek on Tuesday walking club)
o October 14th – Reagan Elementary School
Southside sidewalk project moving slowly. It is out to bid, with implementation planned for
next spring. Then, enhanced crosswalks at all 19 area schools and flashing beacons at Birch
Overview of the bicycle and pedestrian documentation project in Nampa Sept. 11-17. LaRita and
volunteers to conduct counts this week (9/16 and 9/17). Potential count sites were identified as: The Rail
With Trail path, including the planned 1.1 mile, Paul’s Market – 12th/Sherman and Midland, North of Lake
Liability discussion
 The State of Idaho offers the following legal protection:
Potentially offsetting some or all of a landowners liability are the State-enacted Recreational
Use Statutes (RUSs). All 50 states have RUSs, which provide protection to landowners who
allow the public to use their land for recreational purposes. A person injured on land made
available to the public for recreational use must prove that the landowner deliberately
intended to harm him or her. States created RUSs to encourage landowners to make their
land available for public recreation by limiting their liability provided they do not charge a
fee. Companies, institutions, and individuals that agree to a pathway on their property
would have limited liability due to these statutes.
In Idaho the following laws and statutes apply:
Recreational Pathway, Rails-to-Pathways Program,
Use Statutes Recreational Pathways System, or Similar
Liability Act
Idaho Code § 67-4236 (2000)
Indemnification of owners of land adjacent to
Idaho Code
§§ 36-1601 to Allows State to indemnify the owner of
-1604 (2000) private land adjacent to trail, for damage
caused by trail users, for which the owner was
unable to recover from the user who caused
the damage
Idaho Code § 6-901
et seq. (2000)
Canals and Drainages: The Irrigation District maintains that piped irrigation/drainage facilities
are more amenable to trails, as drowning incidents are substantially limited. There is a high
frequency of maintenance vehicles on maintenance roads. It was noted that On average three
children under the age of ten drown in ditches each year. Proper design is required to
accommodate the Irrigation District’s needs and to make trail users safe
The City would like to meet with the Pioneer and Boise Project districts at some point
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4 | Nampa Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 8/5/2010
Would the City be taking on an “attractive nuisance” liability by encouraging use of paths along
Upcoming Public Meeting in October
At the meeting public meeting formats were discussed. Mobile workshops and an open house
were considered. The City had concerns about the Open House format, as historically they had
poor turn-outs to these public meetings. Mobile workshop presentations are time intensive and
would require city staff and volunteers to make the presentations over a period of time. An Open
House date was tentatively set for the last week of October, but mobile workshops remained
under consideration. After further deliberation in the days following the meeting, the City and
Consultant, agreed to pursue the mobile presentations and Listening Station format in leiu of an
Open House. The Consultant would prepare the mobile presentation (PowerPoint) and
Listening Station materials (Display Boards), and the city would prepare a survey. The
Consultant would make the first public presentation, which would also serve as a training
opportunity for city staff and the volunteers that would be going out into the community.
9. Next Steering Committee date: November 9, 2010
10. Misc notes:
Are areas without sidewalks, where vehicular volume is low, really deficient? Maybe, it depends
on the situation
12th Street: The uncontrolled crosswalk at Nampa High will be eliminated since there is a nearby
An enhanced crossing near Paul’s Market is planned as a local area improvement in the
transportation plan
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