10. Claude Frollo, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' 9. Hades

Fe a t u re s
A definitive
ranking of 10
10. Claude Frollo,
‘The Hunchback of
Notre Dame’
The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ was definitively dark for a Disney film, the kind of thing
your mom maybe wished she didn’t take you
to see in theaters... and a lot of the general hellfire was perpetuated by Claude Frollo. Don’t be
fooled by the stupid hat, the Minister of Justice
thought nothing of locking a baby in an attic
and considering burning down ‘all of Paris’ just
to find a gypsy that he has a crush on.
9. Hades, ‘Hercules’
ades is so campy, it’s easy to forget
he’s the god of the underworld, acting
as Hercules’ sworn enemy. Really, it’s
a challenge to have any character be voiced
by James Woods and still make them seem
genuinely malevolent, but it works. Despite his
grand plot to overthrow Zeus’ throne, Hades
takes the shape of a trickster-type character
with serious anger management issues. He
also gets points for having a theme song that
sounds like it could have been written by
Mumford and Sons.
8. Gaston, ‘Beauty And
The Beast’
aston is basically the quintessential bro,
which really makes him more aggressively intolerable than horrifying. He
works out too much (or at least eats too many
raw eggs?) and thinks he is literally ‘the greatest hunter in the world.’ Interestingly enough,
he doesn’t seem super evil until much later in
the film, when he decides to deliberately incite
hysteria and lead a pitchfork mob to ‘Kill The