Internal Private IP addressing scheme (Default)

Internal Private IP addressing scheme (Default) DVR IP Schema DVR 1 DVR 2 DVR 3 etc IP Cameras Schema IP Camera 1 IP Camera 2 IP Camera 3 IP Camera 4 etc Subnet Mask Default Gateway Port Forwarding Settings (for Router) DVR Port Range DVR 1 22800 ‐ 22810 DVR 2 22850 ‐ 22860 DVR 3 22900 ‐ 22910 Each additional DVR range will increase by 50 Radmin (Remote Desktop) should use first port (e.g. 22800). If Radmin not in use you may close the port. IP camera direct Web access Each IP camera requiring web access will need to have a specific web port set as well as the Default Gateway configured. Port forwarding on the gateway router will also need to be configured to route corresponding web port to the correct IP camera address IP Camera 1 IP Camera 2 IP Camera 3 port: 80 Default Gateway: port: 81 Default Gateway: port: 82 Default Gateway: Private networks The following are the three ranges reserved for private networks (RFC 1918): Name 24‐bit block 20‐bit block 16‐bit block Address range– Number of addresses 16777216 Classful description Largest CIDR block
Single Class A– 1048576 Contiguous range of 16 Class B blocks– Contiguous range of 256 Class C blocks 65536 
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