The Outsiders essay

The Outsiders Essay
Your next assignment is to choose one of the following prompts to respond to
in a well-organized, five-paragraph essay with a closed thesis statement and specific
examples and quotes from the book. Your essay will need to be typed, size-12 font,
double-spaced, writer’s work shopped, and you will be scored according to the Lucy
Calkins argument writing rubric. Your final draft is due__________________. Good
luck and make us think!
1. Compare/ contrast the message of the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” with The
Outsiders? How are the themes of loss and brevity of life seen in the story?
What about the book title Gone with the Wind? Why does Johnny tell Pony
to “Stay Gold”?
2. Analyze Johnny and Dally’s relationship. Why does Dally want a better life
for Johnny, and why does Johnny consider Dally gallant? Ultimately, why
does Johnny want Dally to watch a sunset, but Dally instead self-destructs
after Johnny’s accident?
3. Track the changes in Pony’s life. What does he discover about life, the Socs,
and why does he change back to “gold” after his fall toward destruction? How
does writing help him come to terms with his story?
4. Write and respond to your own original prompt (must be approved by Mr.
Introduction including attention-getter and closed, three-part thesis statement
***Transition*** (i.e.) The Outsiders communicates the themes of friendship, sacrifice, and love.
Point number one using level 3-4 development (i.e. book quotes, examples, anecdotes,
statistics, facts, sensory detail)
Point number two using level 3-4 development
IV. Point number three using level 3-4 development
V. Restate thesis in new language and leave a lingering idea percolating in the reader’s mind